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Following Good Feng Shui Numbers With My Desk

While my philosophy about business has always been to build a good foundation to do good business, I have always been interested in finding that special "edge".

What is the definition of a special edge? Anything that helps me do a better job in all areas of my life - mentally, physically, spiritually - as well as being a better boss, businesswoman and all around human being.

When I lived in St. Louis I met Dr. Howard Rosenthal, a renowned expert in hypnotherapy. Howard, who is a lovely man as well as an expert in the workings of the mind, told me that top athletes often used hypnotherapy and affirmations to assist them in winning matches. I was intrigued. This indeed was a "special edge".

When I moved to Dallas I found a renowned hypnotherapist who worked with my husband to help him prepare for major heart surgery. The results were amazing to the point that the heart surgeon even commented on how fast my husband recovered from life threatening surgery.

Almost ten years later - after my husbands untimely death from a massive heart attack - the same hypnotherapist helped me get through the first stage of grief using her bag of mind tricks. Yet another edge.

I also combined the hypnotherapy with special edges that included everything from grief therapy to Bach Flower Essences, journaling, homeopathy and body work - to help me release the mind twisting grief that suddenly losing my beloved husband caused. Thank heavens for all those "edges" to help me function on a daily basis after his death.

I have also experienced good life-changing results with astrology and other metaphysical sciences. Afterall, Oprah is a big believer in lots of similar techniques which she highlights on her show.  I don't expect others to believe what I do, I am just sharing what works for me.

On the physical level I have been visiting a well-known Dallas rolfer (Oprah did a spotlight on Rolfing) for over 20 years with consistent stress-reduction results.  I refuse to release the name of my rolfer because it is already so hard to get into to see him that I don't like to put his name out there.

Several years ago I was introduced to Feng Shui and experienced some measurable results when utilizing the ancient Chinese practices. These results from the FS edge included improved health, prosperity and better relationships.

After taking too many FS classes to even remember (I am still taking classes currently), I have learned to chart and follow my own daily, monthly and annual numbers and directions. As a result, my bed is now on wheels (I'm not kidding) and my desk is constantly (monthly) being moved to different parts of the building (right now it's in the warehouse). At home I lug my notebook from room to room even working one time in a makeshift table in the bathtub.

Does it work?

There have been times that I have ignored the numbers and suffered the consequences. Yes, I do believe it works after more than 5 years of watching it.

Just as I believe that following the moon's phases work. I have been studying astrology since I was 15 years old and discovered that my crush was a Libra and incompatible with my signs. Which explained why nothing I did ever worked with that guy.

I have also watched the impact of the movement of the planets on the world. The current US economic crisis was predicted by some renowned astrologers I know back in 2005 and 2006. The cause can be tied to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.

So while my employees may think me a little bizarre, they have watched what happens when I change the directions of their desks, install major cures such as huge drums of water or leave lights burning in odd places. It's not an easy science to understand nor is it for the faint of heart. However, I am determined to do the best I can with the information I have which is why I still travel on a regular basis to take new classes or consult with am amazing Feng Shui expert.

Like I said - those special edges are what helped Lance Armstrong win so many races and helped Ronald Reagan's wife Nancy keep him safe during times of danger.

While it still extremely important to follow sound business practices, those special edges can definitely make a difference.  At least in my humble opinion.

Which is why as the Full Moon approaches over the next few days I will be sitting on the correct Feng Shui number, facing the right FS direction, burning candles on the correct corner of my desk and trimming the ends of my hair so it grows fuller.

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