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Shear Genius 2 Returns With Judge Kim Vo And Charlie's Angel Hostess

Bravo TV brings Season 2 of Shear Genius back for another round of competitive hair style.  Renowned hairstylist Kim Vo is a first time judge who jumps in to the reality show and lightens the intensity of the competition with his hilarious viewpoint.

The gracious and beautiful Jaclyn Smith returns as the charming hostess returning.

(Image of Kim Vo - All Rights Reserved)

The show which airs at 10pm EST/PT features twelve new contestants who will cut and style their way through a range of Short and Elimination Challenges.  The Short challenges tests for technical ability and the Elimination tests creativity.

The motivation for the six men and women to compete?  The title of "Shear Genius" as well as the grand prize of $100,000 from Nexus.

There is also the opportunity to style the hair for an Allure magazine feature.

During a chat with the media Kim shared many pearls of wisdom including "ugly hair never sleeps."  He also explained why the contestants from Season Two are different from the original Season and how unlike Season One, the contestants all get along and are a cohesive group.

Jaclyn told the media it was much easier for her to be the hostess the second time around. Afterall, when she hosted the first season she had never done reality TV before and was daunting.  She admitted she even had fun during the filming of the second season of the hairdressing show.

Her biggest challenge?  Not getting too emotionally involved with the contestants.  At times she dissolved into tears when contestants were voted off.  Even when they weren't her favorites.

The lovely former Charlie's Angel did promise there would be a surprise appearance of her former Charlie's Angels co-stars and a competition based upon their hairstyles from that era.

Jaclyn said "We recreate our styles from the '70s with a modern touch. I thought it was challenging because you think of the simplicity of those styles but it was fun seeing the stylists."

She did confess the normally focused stylists were a bit distracted. "Having some 'Angels' there was intimidating to some of the stylists. I think it was harder for them to recreate the styles because we were there."

Both Smith and Vo exhibited little fear when it was suggested they have their own tresses cut by the stylists. Smith said she, "would let them work on my hair. I would also refer them since they're all extremely talented." Vo added that a mystery person already saw extraordinary talent in one stylist in particular, "One of the guest judges asked for the card of one of the stylists."

"Shear Genius" premieres tonight and regularly airs on Wednesdays at 10pm EST.

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