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New Product: La Prairie's Advanced Marine Biology Collection

New Product: La Prairie\'s Advanced Marine Biology CollectionSince the movie Splash in 1984, the ocean's appeal has gone from blah, to beautiful, to down right sexy. From animated motion pictures (Finding Nemo) to a slew of reality TV shows; the beach, the water, and the mysterious deep having been experiencing decades of revitalized interest. Although scientists have been studying this magical wonder for eons, La Prairie has been one of the first to successfully capture its beautifying properties on such a large scale.

New Product: La Prairie harnesses the beauty of the oceanDeemed as the "pioneer of anti-aging cellular therapy", the Switzerland based company first gained main stream US notoriety with the release of their Caviar Collection - a pricey but effective composition of caviar extracts and sea proteins. And for those who truly desire the best of everything: the Jeweled Skin Caviar Limited Edition Luxe Cream, delivered to you in a hand made Swarovski crystal jar. Asking price: $2,000.New Product: La Prairie harnesses the beauty of the ocean

Although the cost of La Prairie lathered skin is clearly high, fans of the brand claim its amazing results are well worth it at even twice the price. I must admit after shelling over $115 for my first allotment of Skin Caviar Eye Complex, my ocular region was tighter than a new face lift 10 days out of surgery and I was an instant believer! Not to mention my eye-makeup stayed impeccably fresh looking for a complete 24 hours and then some.

New Product: La Prairie\'s Advanced Marine Biology CollectionLa Prairie is again making waves with its newest release, The Advanced Marine Biology Collection. They have even gone so far as to develop their own oceanic aquaculture, from which they can pull botanicals, extracts, and nutrients without altering the ecosystem of our original beloved ocean. Geared toward keeping and/or regaining the youthful appearance of your skin, all three products (night solution, tonic, and cream) are packed with anti-oxidants as well as the bountiful and wondrously restorative and collagen promoting properties of the deep, guaranteed to leave your skin smooth, firm, and glowing.

The collection is already getting rave reviews from customers new and old. And to sweeten the deal: La Prairie donates a portion of every purchase to Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Futures Society, son of legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau.

To view The Advanced Marine Biology Collection shop La Prairie of Switzerland.

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Are you a true jet-setter? La Prairie body treatments can be found in 5-star hotels, deluxe perfumeries, and La Prairie salons on all five continents.

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