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Sex And City Movie Rocks Box Office At 55M+

Yes, you read that correctly. In the opening weekend the Sex And The City girls rocked the box office coming at 55 Million+. All right! Woman Power rules.

Ironically, the $$$$ even blew away all the expectations of the film's producers who were hoping for 30 Million.

Yes, some of the critics were not as kind about the film as hoped for, but what do they know about true friendship and female bonding rituals?

What all of us girls know is that true friendships like shown in Sex And The City take years to develop. They also take commitment and work.

I have been blessed to have three long term friendships like Carrie (who I most identify with since we're both writers). Each one of the friendships I have been blessed to make, have gone through stages. Just like what Carrie has gone through with each of her three best friends.

Women are often accused of not understanding how to bond appropriately like men do. I don't agree. I think we just do it differently.

If there was any doubt about women supporting other women....$55 million says it all.

Kudos to Carrie & Company. You rock!

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