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Hair Care Plan Wins Entrepreneur Nod

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Hair Care Plan Wins Entrepreneur Nod

A national foundation thinks a business idea by Merissa Dominguez, a 17-year-old student from Stamford High School in Connecticut, could have senior citizens asking each other, “Where did you get your hair done?”

The senior has been selected with 41 other students from around the United States to receive a  2008 Global Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Dominguez created a business plan she called "Merissa's Touch" to serve the hair care needs of senior citizens at hospitals and retirement homes by offering them shampoos, conditioning, braiding and hair coloring.

Dominguez had to create a seven-minute PowerPoint presentation on her business and speak to senior-level executives from companies such as Ernst & Young, GE Capital, Pitney Bowes, Marsh and UBS.

Warren felt that Dominguez’s business would do well serving the high-end nursing homes in the area and could start a “where did you get your hair done?” buzz.

Dominguez said “I didn’t think my business plan was all that. I didn’t expect it to be as big as it was.”   However, her business plan was impressive enough for her to compete in the national contest competing with 20,000 others who took the course.

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“Basically, she was competing with 20,000 others taking the course, and she’s done pretty well,” said Joel Warren, executive director with the foundation.

He also said “It’s our mission to work with kids that don’t have money, and to take this experience with them to the next economic level.”

Dominguez and other recipients were honored in New York City. They also visited the New York Stock Exchange and met with several high-level entrepreneurs.

The event is a good opportunity for students to interact with other budding entrepreneurs, Warren said. They also receive $500 and a plaque.

Dominguez plans to go to college. She believes that her new accolades will help in the college application process.

The senior high school student is not sure she’s ready to be an entrepreneur.   “I’m actually trying to do criminal justice,” said Dominguez, an avid fan of the “CSI” television show. “I think I can do this (hair care) on the side for some extra money.

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