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Millenium Heidi Montag - The Hills - Throws A Brilliant Career Away For Love?

As a hair, beauty and fashion trend watcher, I have to keep my eyes on all the emerging social arenas, which is why I am an avid Hills watcher.

The Hills (MTV) is fascinating on a number of fronts, from the interpersonal relationships (note to LC - LO is coming between you and the adorable Adrina) to the career building episodes.

If you're not a Hills fan, the short version is that Heidi, the former Millenium roommate who betrayed a long trusted friendship with Lauren for a - gasp - guy (Spencer Pratt), has now repeated history by dumping an incredible career opportunity.

Yes, sad to say, after already destroying close friendships with Lauren and Adrina, Heidi walked out on a truly spectacular job opportunity working for one of the hottest new casino projects in Las Vegas for one of the most brilliant business gurus in the world.

The blonde, plastic enhanced Heidi, left her flabbergasted boss standing on the curb while she was checking out of the hotel with the dastardly Spencer.

Yes, it's the latest buzz amongst Hills fans. How could Heidi do that?

Having struggled through the last few years with a team of Milleniums (Millies) I am not remotely surprised that Heidi threw away a fabulous career opportunity for love. Yes, it's true she is an MTV Reality "star" but how much good did that do a whole slew of other reality stars whose names we have now completely forgotten? She may be popular now but we all know about reality stars and their 5 minutes of fame.

Heidi's actions are classic Millenium.

Sadly Milleniums (Millies), who generally range in age between 21-27, have a completely different mindset about life, their careers, work ethics and general expectations. Millies (like the early 20 year old Heidi) are appalled at the thought of accepting entry-level jobs. A starting salary in the mid 40s or low 50s is considered "insulting". They don't do that old fashioned, starting at the bottom and working their way up to the top "thing". Many expect to start out on the cover of Time as some sort of software guru, queen of fashion designs or business genius.

Never mind that Millies have little or no experience and have little understanding of good work ethics, how a solid business should run or the meaning of professionalism.

As I have lived through the trauma and drama of hiring, firing and managing Millies, I have figured out my own coping mechanisms. If a Millie has a lot of raw potential, the indication of an abundance of brain cells and a good heart, I exercise patience, good humor and attempt to whip them into shape, rather than giving into the natural instinct to cut my losses and run.

Would I be surprised if one of "my" Millies dumped a great job opportunity to run off with their hottie of the moment? Absolutely not. My mouth wouldn't even pop open.

With age comes wisdom and the understanding that many times on our way up the path we have to run into a few brick walls and make a ton of mistakes to help us realize the error of our ways. Some people realize their misguided paths and move into new directions, Others don't.

Maybe Heidi's career as a D-List Reality Star will elevate her to A Star Status. Or maybe her quest to have her own show, her own fashion line or other attempts to stretch her five minutes of fame into instant SuperStar Status will work out for her.

As Ashlee Simpson says "only time will tell". I for one will be watching.

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