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Balms Away Eye Makeup Break-up

BalmsAway Eye Makeup Break-upImagine how thrilled I was when I saw that Marissa Shipman's BalmsAway Eye Makeup Break-up was featured in the Look What We Found section of the June 2008 O - The Oprah Magazine. Yes, I know. is

But being a girly girl, I love everything that goes with hair including cool lip balms, eye makeup, fragrances, know the gig.

Yes, I am obsessed with hair but it seems a crime to have awesome hair and blah eyes. If you have great hair, great eye make-up and fab earrings, it seems a shame to have a paleface, no lip gloss and a blah outfit. You see where this is all going? Yes, indeed.

My first "make-over" was years ago in Dallas at a make-up party. The make-up maven scanned the room and the big blue eyes...get over here. That was it. Next thing ya know I had the white eyeliner pencil tricks under my thumb and had learned how to conceal just about everything you need to conceal, just about anywhere.

Since that fateful make-up party day, I have had a love/hate relationship with make-up. I love how I look when I wear it, I hate taking the time to put it on. So I cheat. I wear a good mascara, sometimes. I also love balms of any kind. Eyes and lips go a long way to feeling made up without all the agony in front of the mirror. At least for me.

With my secret passion in tow, I was recently roaming a show when beaming like a beacon was the TheBalm's cool booth in a sea of ho-hum booths. I was drawn like a magnet to the fabulous display. When Marissa's sister, who was manning the booth painted my lips with one of their plumpers, I was sold. I just had to carry the entire line.

I must confess, it is one of my favorite non-hair lines at Everything has such a cool name, the products are sizzling hot and hey, it's featured in Oprah's magazine. We all know that no one has more taste than Ms. Oprah.

The BalmsAway Eye Makeup Break-Up, as explained by O Magazine, is based on a salve that Marissa's 84 year old (mostly unwrinkled grandmother) has used all her life.

And does all the things that O Magazine says it does. It moisturizes like and eye cream but is strong enough to remove stubborn waterproof of my two makeup indulgences.

The tin is sooooooooooooooooooo cute Marissa is a lover of dogs. Besides her sister is adorable and fun to talk lip plumpers with. This company has all the bases covered. Even better? Besides being featured in the June issue of O Magazine, it's available at in the Marketplace, and in my bathroom at home. But no, I am not going to share this cool product. It's definitely a keeper.

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