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Ashlee Simpson Blue Hair?

Ashlee Simpson Red Pepper HairLife & Style Magazine - April 14th issue - interviewed Ashlee Simpson about her new album - Bittersweet World - told the weekly magazine "I never thought my life would end up taking the turn that it has. I always saw myself with blue hair in a band. So it's great to be in the place that I am right now. Either way, I'll be happy. I'll probably still have blue hair one day."

(Image of Ashlee Simpson - - all rights reserved - 2008).

I for one have no doubt that will happen since the singer, actress and newly crowned t-shirt designer for wet seal has morphed from platinum blonde to deep burgandy red with a few stops in the chocolate, black and strawberry shades along the way. Going blue with her hair? Why not?

Ash is not only in the news for her new CD and T-shirt line, she is also fighting rumors that she and long term beau Pete Wentz are pregnant. The very private Ash doesn't want to talk about it although she is willing to talk about her recent engagement to the Fall Out Boy band member which they announced on the Web.

Will Ashlee have blue hair for her nuptials to Pete? Unlikely.

As she told Life & Style "I'm a tomboyish girlie girl - 50-50 pretty much". And no self respecting girlie girl would have blue hair at her wedding.

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