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Sesame Street Cupcake Rings - Simple Joys Of Adulthood

Little did I know that I was missing one of life's simple little pleasures. No, not a fine wine or a rare cavier but the big gaudy plastic ring that comes perched on top of a vanilla cupcake with swirls of white icing and edible glitter.

How did I discover this great find? After an exhausting day at the big accessory show I arrived back at the office to find my Marketing Guru aka The White Streak, wandering the halls with gigantic DayGlo rings on both of her pinkies. Thinking she had discovered a hot new fashion look, I asked to see her rings.

Imagine my surprise when I found that the hot new rings were embossed with images of Burt, Ernie and The Cookie Monster. Designer names you're not familiar with? Let me clue you in....they are Sesame Street characters.

Yes, if you go to your local Target and purchase a six pack of cupcakes you may be rewarded with Sesame Street encrusted mini cakes (if you look for this particular brand).

I must warn you....the White Streak advised me that the Sesame Street treats are in the refrigerated section of the bakery department because...according to her.....the little rings need to remain cold so that when you take them off the cupcakes "activate".

Hmmmmm. Activate? Needless to say I am still waiting for my ring to sing, dance or teleport me to Sesame Street. I must admit The White Streak is perpetually happy. Maybe I just haven't figured out the activation chant. out Sprinkles. Sesame Street cupcakes are going to take over the world. I for one, can't wait for Ms. Piggy to run for president.

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