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Losing Weight by Drinking Water, Starting Over

So - what genius decided to start drinking water ONLY, not only right before Saint Patrick's Day but also before one of my close friend's birthday...yes, that would be me!

Although I must say the Saint Patrick's Day snafu wasn't THAT big of deal, since I'm not really a beer person - but having to drink water at my friend's birthday party didn't really go over well. Especially since the party was at Cru Wine Bar...Wine Bar...not Water Bar.

Although I tried my hardest to resist - I did end up having one glass of white wine - quite possibly the best wine I have ever tasted. Too bad I can't remember the name of it - not because I was drunk but because the wine steward picked it for me.

So - yes, I'll have to start my four days of drinking nothing but water over again.

And I guess my "day" will start at 3pm - since I've already had a StarBucks today...And yes - my friends are taking bets as to how far I'll get before I have to start at day one again - but this time I am determined to make it to day 4!!!

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