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Hair Color Trends For Fall 2008

Did I say Fall of 2008? Yes I did. I received a request from a beauty editor on Wednesday (March 12, 2008) for my thoughts on hair color for Fall 2008 and even Winter 2009.

Geez. That was a hard request. I am just now catching up on what's happening for Spring/Summer 2008 hair colors.

Yes, I did find the answers to the question of hair color trends for Fall/Winter 2008-2009 but I can't spill the beans until my editor has a head start to get that written up. But I did spend all day, Thursday (March 13, 2008) holed up in my house doing research by smiling and dialing all my fav haircolor expert friends.

What did I find out?

First of all, hair color trends are driven by fashion catwalk trends and fabrics. Second, home interior design colors also drive fashion and hair color. Yep, that was a shocker when I found out some years ago. One top haircolorist I know visits new home shows to look at wall paper and paint samples to figure out what color trends will be hot for the upcoming season.

A hairdresser friend of mine who is a fabulous hair colorist and curly hair expert told me that when fabrics have a lot of texture, so does hair color. When the fabrics are sleek, silky and shiny then hair texture retreats and sleek comes back in.

She told me she had recently attended a Paul Mitchell class where they talked about new color techniques they will be releasing for Fall 2008/2009 that involves layering warm and cool colors right next to each other.

So what you ask? Yeah, this is BIG news. Why? it's hard to layer warm and cool together without risking bleeding. Until now. Paul Mitchell has figured out how to do it...which doesn't surprise me in the least. That company does some amazing things and I love their PM Shines product line. The folks at PM haven't officially announced their latest line of neutrals YET which will have the N/N tags when it becomes available....but it is coming soon and it is going to be the very least.

I for one can't wait. more hint. Fall/Winter hair colors will be rich and sophisticated and luscious. If you are thinking about getting thick chunky hightlights....don't. Highlights and lowlights will be undergoing some changes.

Meantime....check back and I will share more as I can.

Happy haircoloring.

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