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Conair Ceramic Hair Brushes - State Of The Art Faster Hot Air Hair Drying has been carrying the Conair hair brushes for over five years in our e-store.

Why? The Conair brushes are fantastic and our rep really rocks. Not only does she literally arrive with boxes and boxes of samples, she takes the time to go through every single model and explain the pros and cons of each type of brush based on the "head" of the brush and the handle.

Yes, those are the two most important variables when it comes to evaluating what brush to use for the type, texture and styling needs of all hair.


Mason Pearson BrushAnother great thing about Conair brushes, they make just about every type of brush imaginable for every type of hair or styling need. Yes, we also carry Mason Pearson and Kent brushes and combs which are the Porsches and BMWs of the brush and comb world, but for everyday great brushs and combs, you can't go wrong with Conair.

The other thing I love about Conair brushes is that they are constantly introducing leading edge advances to improve their brushes. Take for example the Ceramic line of brushes.

First of all, you might ask, what the heck is a Ceramic brush? Good question and one I had to ask myself. Ceramic coating is a non-breakable substance that is layered over the metal barrel of the brush.

What are the advantages to a ceramic brush versus a non-ceramic one?

1. The brush evenly spreads and holds the heat in the brush longer so that it works great at instant heat styling.

It works as well when used with a blow dryer on all types of hair lengths and textures.

2. When vented, a ceramic brush lets the air flow from the blow dryer reach hair much faster than a non-vented brush for excellent blow-drying styling.

3. It helps hair dry a lot faster.

4. It is also great for smoothing and straightening coarse and/or wavy hair leaving both types of hair smooth and silky.

Ceramic is one of the hottest rages in the hair styling tools arena. This miracle covering is on brushes, combs, blow dryers and flat irons.

Conair Ceramic Red Paddle BrushDo I use a Ceramic hair brush? Well of course. Yes, I have a few Mason Pearsons and Kents but my all time favorite Conair brush is the Conair Accessories - Mega Ceramic - Vent Paddle Brush - Red.

In fact, true story, the first time I laid eyes on that brush, I would literally not put it down. Since I have very long hair, I am very picky about using any type of brush that doesn't have soft boar's bristle (or a good faux boar bristle) on my hair.

Conair Ceramic Vent Round BrushThe Conair Vent Paddle Brush has soft bristles and it did not damage my hair in any way. I love to use it not only to detangle in the morning before I take my shower but I love it when I blow dry. It really does seem to make my hair dry much faster.

Conair Medium Barrel Round BrushEven better, I love the grip handle. I tend to be a klutz and have known to fling my brush (not on purpose) across the room landing in all kinds of odd places.

There are actually two other Vented Ceramic brushes in the line (Large and the Xtra Large Round Brushes) and I like these round brushes almost as much as I like the paddle. Because it is a vent brush, it is very easy to keep clean.

Yes indeed, ceramic has lots of great advantages. Give one a try.

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