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Wella Professionals® Unveils the Leading New Trends of Trend Vision 08

WOODLAND HILLS, CA - Wella Professionals introduces the new trends of Trend Vision 08, as presented in the global movements by Carlin International.

Inspired by a spark of incredible creative and artistic energy, Wella Professionals stylists put their creative talent to work and have showcased key hair looks through four leading trends of Trend Vision 08: Wonderland, MineralSplendour, Industrial Beauty and Couture Allure.

"For stylists around the world, Trend Vision 08 is a source of inspiration and new understanding for fashion and beauty trends," said Reuben Carranza, Managing Director, P&G Professional Care North America. "Trend Vision 08 is where future trends and artistic talent take center stage.

It provides a platform for stylists to take trend-driven haute couture looks and creatively reinvent them for the

salon client."


TRENDS: Where do they begin, and where do they end? Are you setting a trend or subconsciously following one? The world of trends is ever-evolving, as trends from the past morph into future trends, and concepts once seen as barriers continually break down as new trends explode onto the scene.

Rising from a murmur underground to buzz on the streets, trends emerge subtly and quietly, and - at their peak - surface and become part of the universal vernacular. Soon, the trends start to recede while simultaneously cross-pollinating, thus shaping forthcoming trends.

With influential global trend forecaster Carlin International, Wella Professionals examined Carlin's trend intelligence and shaped a new, emerging direction in fashion, beauty and hair for the upcoming year.

After sharing this invaluable knowledge with Wella Professionals stylists, the artists collaboratively discussed the four prominent trends and transformed them into inspirational hair messages.

The four trends of Trend Vision 08 resonate holistically throughout every salon and stylist touch-point, encouraging hairstylists to envision a unique and personal understanding of each trend and allowing the

individual to be at the center of the creative process.


WONDERLAND captures nature and an optimistic romanticism with loose, deconstructed and free-flowing long or short hair. Pixie cuts and curl variations enhanced with wide fishtails and loose lattices give a light feel. Haircolor embodies nature's palette featuring earthy base colors freshened up by soft pastels.

MINERAL SPLENDOUR is a new form of understated sophistication. Mimicking the organic shapes and fluid lines of minerals, a C-curvature technique is a key shape of this trend. Whether in the fringe or at the nape, soft or dramatic, the C-curvature gives hair its internal shape while maintaining a fluid and delicate density.

Integrating precision color techniques, warm and cool metallic shades enhance shine, culminating a look that's raw yet refined with iridescent opulence.

INDUSTRIAL BEAUTY is about contrasting, assymetrical shapes. Cuts are graphic and deliberately broken, and shapes contain structured and unstructured parts with a variety of straight and curly textures. The color is not the standard monochromatic palette but rather a particular mixing technique that evokes raw industrialism in dusty whites and smoky blacks. The results are a matte finish with contrasting polished and natural elements.

COUTURE ALLURE offers a strong, personalized form of radical self-expression by styling the hair with greater volume. Taking inspirational cues from the bob and adding a 21st century perspective, shapes are sculptured and graphic with bold cuts supported by a sleek structure. Volume is created by a color technique called shadow coloring, where highlights form a deliberateley shiny line.

The style, cut and color of Couture Allure work together in a new synergy, taking on a new status of resistance and defiance.

For more information about the four new trends of Trend Vision 08, visit

Wella Professionals is a leading manufacturer of professional color, care and styling products. Wella Professionals brands include Koleston Perfect®�, Color Perfect�®, Color Touch®�, MagmaTM, Midway Couture�®, Performance Plus�®, Blondor�®, System Professional�® and Color Preserve®�.

Superior products, inspiring education and unique salon business-building programs make Wella Professionals

a world leader and expert in hair, cosmetics and beauty.

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