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The Perfect Start: Sircuit's Advanced Trial Gift Set™

The Perfect Start:  Sircuit's Advanced Trial Gift Set™

Start the holiday and New Year with a fresh face and a radiant aura when using Sircuit® Cosmeceuticals’ Advanced Trial Gift Set.

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This collection contains all the essentials necessary to achieve the best skin possible tucked into a beautiful bag. From Jeremy Piven’s favorite Molecular Mist™, to Hillary Duff’s beloved X-Trap™, Sircuit® has created a line of skincare coveted by men and women of all ages.

From cleansing, to hydrating, to exfoliating, the Advanced Trial Set™ includes everything needed to achieve glowing skin.

• X-Trap™ – Daily gentle face cleanser with Shea butter

• Molecular Mist™ – Hydrating moisture care with witch hazel

• Day Care™ – Protective day moisturizer with Vitamin E

• White Out™ – Daily under eye care that de-ages and repairs

• Sir-Activ™ – Energizing and purifying scrub with cranberry extract

• Youth Accelerator™ – Pumpkin pore refining mask with Vitamin A

• Dream Weaver™ – Night time skin repair moisturizer with Spin Trap

• Sircuit Weapon™ – Potent vitamin C therapy serum that tones skin

• Sircuit Addict™ – Firming antioxidant serum that helps retain water

• Liquid Crystal™ – Hydrating hair bath shampoo made from arctic moss

• Crystal Creme™ – Revitalizing hair conditioner packed with Shea butter

All Sircuit® Cosmeceutical products utilize the advanced 'body friendly' Chiral Technology to separate the correct side of the active ingredient molecule and only use the side of the molecule that fits with your body’s cells. This incredible technology certainly raises the bar and proves its power by leaving the skin feeling clean, soft, balanced and pure.

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