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What Are Very Best Hair Extensions?


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Hi Karen,

I've spent the last 15 years of my life growing my hair and with one really bad hair cut it is all gone!! I hate the way I look with short hair, so i need magic to help this situation!

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide regarding the hair extensions.  I found a place near where I live in NYC that supposedly does great work with hair extensions.

Before I do anything, I wanted to ask you if you what is the very best hair extensions?

The following is my own Wish List of what I'm looking to accomplish with hair extensions:

1. I want to go from short to long hair.

2. I want it to look as natural as possible, without detection.

3. I want it to last a long time.

4. I want to be able to wear a pony tail and swim with them.

5. I don't want any damage to my real hair.

I don't know very much about hair extensions, so I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations that you can give to me. Thanks and have a great day.




Dear Cathy,

In all fairness I don't believe there is any one definitive answer of what are the very best hair extensions with regard to any particular brand.  There are excellent hair extension providers out there, like Great Lengths and others, but what makes hair extensions great is the skill and knowledge of the hair professional applying them to your head.

Each person who acquires hair extensions has a different list of requirements for their own add-on hair.  Also, every person who receives hair extensions has unique hair in terms of the type, natural texture, current length and any challenges.  Some people require hair extensions to help add volume and fullness, others desire hair extensions for instant length and some have a wish to achieve both goals of length and overall volume.

It's great to see that you have your own Wish List for your own add-on hair experience.  This is a fantastic starting point for you and a hair extension professional to evaluate together.

Based on your own add-on hair goals a hair extensionist can make recommendations on the best type of hair (100% human, synthetic or a mixture), the attachment method (fusion, weave, beads) how to extend the life of the extensions as long as possible and any potential damage to your own scalp and hair.

While there are lots of opinions about where the best hair originates from (European, Asian, South American or other) ultimately the skill of the hair extension professional you work with will impact the ultimate outcome.  If your hair pro has achieved the best results with a particular type of hair and attachment method from a certain hair provider they will do the best job for you with those tools.

You can have the very best 100% human hair in the world from the best provider, but if the hair extension professional is inexperienced or uncomfortable with how to attach the hair properly to your head, you may not be as happy with the results as if you worked with a very experience hair extension professional who might recommend a different hair source and attachment method but provide stellar results.

When it comes to hair extensions everything is relative.  Can you get hair extensions without any damage to your scalp or existing hair?  There is no guarantee that there won't be some residual damage from the addition of more hair to your current head or from the method of attachment.

The good news?  If you discuss your concerns with your hair extension experts and get a list of possible long term hair extension challenges you will be able to make your own decision about what you are willing to accept and live with.

I encourage you to take your time, interview a few potential hair extension professionals who have good reputations, look at their book of past work and then make sure all of your questions are answered to your satisfacton.

Best wishes,

Karen Marie Shelton


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