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How To Control Wig Edges


Dear Karen,

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I recently bought my first full wig to wear so I'd would have additional styling options.

I need to know how to control wig edges since my own hair always seems to escape from underneath the wig.

I always struggle with getting and keeping all of my hair underneath the wig.

This is true, even when I wear the wig right at my hairline.  I tried using bobby pins to hold my natural hair down, but the pins pop out and fall out.

What are some tips for getting and keeping all of my own hair under my wig?

Also, since I am new to wearing wigs, do you have any other tips on wearing  full wigs?




Dear Jayla,

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Congratulations on your new wig.   They offer so many advantages from styling flexibility to protective coverings.

Uncooperative edges or hair stragglers which repeatedly escape can be a challenge indeed.   With some appropriate prep work you can easily learn how to control wig edges.

The key to wearing wigs is to always protect and show TLC to your own hair, especially along the hairline or the edges to avoid short or long term damage from wig rubbing or friction.

Listed below are several things to consider when wearing a full wig:

1.  Proper hair prep

It's important to prep you own hair to control the wig edges where your hair should be securely tucked underneath.

Even the best wig in the world will give itself away if your own hair underneath is escaped from around the edges.  Hair needs to be prepped to lay flat underneath the wig.

This is especially significant if your hair is a different texture from your wig and baby hairs always try to break free.

Great Lengths Naturally Curly Red Hair Great Lengths Naturally Curly Red Hair

Apply styling cream, hairspray or gel to dry hair.  Brush all of the hair close to the scalp.  Arrange in a hair style which would easily lay flat under the wig.  It's important to make sure your baby hairs are laying right.

Once you've styled your hair in your wig friendly way, use a satin or silk scarf.  Wrap the scarf tightly around the sides of your head.  If you prefer wrap the scarf over your entire head.  Secure the scarf and allow it to remain in place for at least 20 minutes.

Remove the scarf  right before you're going to put on your wig.

2.  Purchase a wig in the same color as your current hair

If you can't purchase a wig in the same color as your hair, use temporary color sticks, mascara or eye shadow to temporarily match the color.

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Position your wig along the hairline, gliding it back a notch or two exposing the edges of your hairline.   Not only does this give you a more natural look with your actual hairline peeking out, it will prevent friction from the wig rubbing the delicate hairline edges.

Avoid wearing your wigs over your hairline or right on top of it.  Over time, this can be damaging from the constant rubbing of the wig against the hair.

3.  Take proper steps with your own hair.  

Always treat your own hair with special tender loving care (TLC) before, during and after wearing your wig.

Even if you adore your new wig, don't wear it all the time.  Your hairline and hair need a chance to breathe and recover.

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Be sure to continue with any of your regularly established conditioning, oiling or other treatment regimes.

Remember to pay special attention to the edges reinforcing them with appropriate care.

4.  Always care for your wig properly.

A wig which is cared for carefully with have an extended life and keep it looking amazing.

If you love your new wig and enjoy wearing it, consider buying a few more and rotate them to give each of them a break.

Finally, always keep a close eye on your hairline and edges.  Regardless of how soft the edge of the wig is, it still may cause long term damage to your hairline.

Make sure if you notice any rubbing, friction or hair thinning you take immediate action.

Enjoy your amazing new wig.

Best wishes,


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