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Hair Extensions For Fine And Thin Hair

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I just read your articles on the internet about the hair extensions. I am interested in getting them put in.

If you have a second, I have a few questions. My hair is about 5 inches at its longest length in the back. My front pieces are 4-5 inches. My hair is thin, fine and growing out. I have met with a woman who puts them in for approximately $1,500.  Is that a good price to pay?

I am interested in the 20" long hair. Will it be a mistake to get hair that long put into my own hair? I am concerned about being able to blend them together so they look natural.  The woman said that she would use a beading system to attach the hair.  Is that the best attachment system?

If you have any advice on this matter please let me know your thoughts.




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Dear Jennifer,

Depending on the hair extension professional you work with, your natural hair should be approximately 6" long where the hair will be attached.  Some stylists can work with slightly shorter lengths, but it depends on a variety of factors which only your hair extension stylist can access.

Your best option is to have a few hair extension consultations to determine your best options for having hair added to your own base hair.  Meet with at least 2-3 different hair extension experts to be able to determine all of your options.

There are a few things you may wish to consider before making your final decision.  If your own hair is fine and thin you may want to look for a hairstylist who does cold fusion attachment which is considered by many to be the best for your type and texture of hair.

Many hair extension professionals prefer fusion individual strands of add-on hair  fused with a bonding system for the best results.

Beads or similar looping attachment methods may show through your own hair if it's especially fine or thin.  Sewn in extensions with a braided base may also not be the best choice since the braids may also show or your hair may be too fine or thin to support tight braids.

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While 20" hair may work for some, if the add-on hair is heavy, it may be too much weight for your own hair to support for any extended period of time.  A skilled hair extension expert could certainly suggest hair which is a good match to your own natural hair.

As far as the estimated cost, this depends upon the type of hair used (human, synthetic, mixed), it's origin (European, Asian or other), how long it takes the stylist to attach it to your own hair and any prep work required to make the hair most compatible with your own hair (cutting, coloring, altering the texture).

Every hair extension expert sets their own pricing scales which is why it's always best to get more than one quote.

Best wishes,

Karen Marie Shelton


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