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The year 2009 has been very good for Zoë Saldana. First she was white hot in the role of Spock's love interest in Star Trek. Now the svelte star is hitting all the high notes in the newly released Avatar. She plays the gorgeous Neytiri

Zoë has been making the rounds on the various talk shows and I caught her on Ellen where she appeared in a stunning sassy short knit dress.

She discussed with Ellen Degeneres the technical aspects of filming Avatar.

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The gorgeous actress appears alongside Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington in the much anticipated James Cameron 3-D film, which was made using motion capture technology and cutting-edge animation.

When asked how long the Avatar filming took, Zoe told Ellen"off and on, for Sam Worthington and myself it was fourteen months."

Avatar Is Not A Typical Animation Film

Zoë explained to Ellen that Avatar was not "like a typical animation film." She gave the example of "an animation film like Shrek" where "you go into a booth and there's cameras, reference cameras, observing you and you just lend your voice."

She elaborated on the 3-D Avatar filming process by saying in "motion capture you go into the studio, you're dotted from head to toe, not attractive, trust me, and you have green chickenpox, these little green dots (all over your face) and a camera that's capturing raw motions and the bodies all capturing all the motions from these cameras in the ceiling and they translate that into a program and you're dumped in there and they they just put your creature on top of it."

Zoë Saldana Avatar

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How did the actress feel when she saw herself in the film with the creature on top of her?

She told Ellen she was "completely" blown away. The beauty noted "it was just amazing how tech people can work with technology because I can't even fix my phone."

Zoë agreed with Ellen that it was a difficult movie to do.

Zoë had "to learn a language" to prepare for the film. The actress explained she had to learn NA'VI which is "the language they would speak in this planet called Pandora."

She told Ellen "it was tons of fun learning it and everything and it wasn't easy for six months it was a very grueling training for it."

Indeed, Zoë has said in more than one interview about Avatar that "for six months before the film started there was a lot of physical training and mental training, from martial arts to horseback riding without a saddle to weight training to archery, language too. It was fantastic, six days a week for six months and I loved every minute of it.,"

Zoë said "not only was it learning a language, but I was also training in martial arts riding a horse without a saddle (fun) and archery that I still practice. And did you know, I say this everywhere I go because I hold so much pride in that, women have better aim than men, in archery."

Born In New Jersey, Raised In Queens And Dominican Republic

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Zoë was "born in New Jersey, raised in Queens, New York and in The Dominican Republic for seven years."

Zoë's mom really wanted to raise the actress and her sisters "in an environment that she knew Zoë would not be exposed to danger or violence. The Dominican Republic, filled with coconut trees and mango trees was the perfect place. Trust me."

"We learned to love it and it kept us away from McDonalds. There were no McDonalds there." Which may in part explain her killer svelte body.

Zoë said the message of Avatar is "to let nature be and lets stop going in and trying to find ways to exploit it and not to just go in and chop things down "without having any consideration for it. That's the part that's most compelling about the story."

The beautiful actress added "the technology will blow you away. James Cameron, if anything, he's known to never disappoint every time you go and watch one of his films but he's actually known primarily for the love stories he writes and this film is not deprived of this, one single bit."

Zoë Saldana Liberation From Hair And Makeup

Zoë Saldana Avatar

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Zoë Saldana has said it was "liberating" not to have to worry about hair, make-up and costume while making Avatar.

Since the actors were "dotted" and their motions were filmed with special cameras before the creatures were added via software to their acting, they didn't need to spend hours in make-up or costume.

"Liberating is the one word that Sam and I and Sigourney and the rest of the cast have used since day one... because all we had to worry about was character and story and working intimately with Jim and the rest of the actors, it brought back the simplicity of the way acting really is," she said.

When Zoë makes her grand entrance on the Red Carpet or on TV talk shows for her various promo appearances she pulls out all the stops to showcase her gorgeous wavy hair, stunning figure and eyes.

When Zoë appeared at the Avatar premiere in London she rocked an RM by Roland Mouret gown. She was eye popping, mouth dropping gorgeous. She was the essence of a young movie star. Many fashion gurus and celebrity watchers agreed that in the past year, Zoë has truly broken out as one of the most stylish stars to grace the red carpet.

Zoë set the bar pretty high when she appeared on the Red Carpets for Star Trek. She wowed critics with a gorgeous gray Giambattista Valli dress. She didn't stop there. The white hot actress continues to top herself.

Picking the right red carpet or talk show look is just as important these days and doing a great job as an actress. Zoë appears to be on the right track on both fronts. Of course hair is very important and Zoë has that topic completely nailed.

How To Recreate Zoë Saldana's Romantic Wavy Hairstyle

Zoë Saldana Wearing Versace 12/16/09 Los Angeles Premiere Avatar All Rights Reserved.

To copy Zoë's romantic waves follow the simple steps listed below:

1. Start with either freshly cleansed and completely dry hair or with day old hair with a cream or spray designed to help with the creation of soft hair waves. 2. If you wish to copy Zoë's look completely create a center part. You can also copy this look with a fringe or side part. 3. Separate hair into two-inch sections. Clip all hair other hair out of the way. 4. On each section, spritz styling spray or apply cream, starting just below the root area. After prepping hair with spray or similar, wrap around a medium barrel curling iron for a few seconds to avoid burning or damaging strands. 5. After creating the curl and removing the iron, re-roll curl around fingers to recreate the curl. Pin to the scalp. 6. When all the sections of hair have been completely ironed, reformed and pinned, spritz the entire head lightly with a setting or styling spray. 7. When hair is completely dry and cool, unpin each curl. Comb through the curls with your fingers. Use fingers to arrange hair into sexy waves. 8. For Zoë's brilliant shine add a few drops of shine serum, spray or shine enhancing hairspray to the palms of your hands and then wipe lightly over the top of your tresses.

Note: If the waves are too well formed use a 100% boar bristle brush to break up the waves a bit and make them softer. Remember that the smaller the curling iron barrel, the tighter the resulting curls and waves.

Zoë Saldana Wearing Versace 12/16/09 Los Angeles Premiere Avatar All Rights Reserved.

This hairstyle is gorgeous and can be worn for any Holiday or Party Hair event ranging from a formal or semi-formal dinner or a special formal dance or Prom. The hairstyle really works with Zoë's strapless, sleeveless Versace mini-dress.

This is a classic hairstyle which never goes out of style. To amp up the look even more add a bejewelled headband or a small clip on one side of the head.

Summary - The Ultimate Hair Accessory

Lets leave things alone that is so beautiful on this planet. Look for Zoë Saldana to continue to dominate the big screen over the next few years with her talent and smoldering beauty.

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