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Volume Building Shampoo - How It Works


Anna Kournikova

Shampoo products come in a dizzying array of brands, price ranges and promised benefits.

Depending on which hair care expert you talk to, volume enhancing shampoos may or may not prove beneficial and may only take a bite out of your wallet.

I have a friend with thin fine hair who has been using a range of volume building shampoos for close to ten years. He swears that the shampoos, in conjunction with a volumizing gel or root lifter help to plump up his baby fine hair to a much fuller level than non-volumizing products.

Others may not agree so whole heartedly with my friend. Like just about everything in the world of hair cleansing and care, what works fabulously for one person and their hair type may not work at all for another.

How Do Volume Building Shampoos Work?

All shampoos which are advertised as fattening, volumizing or body building work by depositing a substance or film on the hair shaft to make it appear thicker and fatter. While some hair care experts agree that there is true benefit to utilizing a volume enhancing product, others note that the volumizing ingredients can build up on the shaft causing long term strand build-up and clogging.

Phytomousse Volume Shampoo!

Phyto created an innovative volumizing shampoo for fine and limp hair in the form of a light foam. Phytomousse Volume Shampoo cleanses and moisturizes without making fine and limp hair look stringy and flat. Unlike other heavier volumizing shampoo products, Phytomousse Volume Shampoo is a unique, totally weightless foaming mousse formula that ensures max volume, shine and bounce.

Mango seed oil and Shea Butter hydrate and coat the hair shaft, increasing the volume of each individual strand. Yarrow extract strengthens the hair while toning the scalp. Trace elements, derived from Red Algae, and Pro-Vitamin B5 stimulate the scalp.

It's been over ten years since was first founded. I have spent the majority of the past ten years devoted to the study of hair. Not only have I read stacks of hair care books and watched tons of hair videos, I have taken a myriad of hair styling courses and even attended one of the Paul Mitchell affiliated cosmetology schools. I have talked to literally hundreds of hairdressers, including celebrity stylists, and attended hair shows where I quizzed product reps from all of the major hair care companies.

Throughout all my years of hair obsession and study I have learned a lot about what makes hair grow and I have also discovered there are a wide range of "myths" floating around the consumer hair world about this topic.

Do Horse Shampoos Make Hair Grow Faster?

If you are interested in growing your hair faster at some point you might have been told to wash your hair with horse shampoo because it makes hair grow faster.

The belief that horse shampoo makes hair grow faster is much closer to urban legend than hair growth reality.

Anna Kournikova

The most important thing to remember is that most shampoo products are designed to clean hair.

While some shampoos also will help to preserve colors, add moisture and provide special ingredients to address dandruff or related scalp issues, the majority of shampoo products are designed to clean and remove dirt. Period. End of the subject.

Although designed specifically to clean the manes and tails of horses, most, if not all, horse shampoos are not designed to encourage hair growth in either humans or horses.

While some horse shampoos may be moisturizing, depending on the specific ingredients, to help create shiny horse manes, the same results can be accomplished using human rinse out conditioners or human shampoos with added moisture.

Other horse shampoo products are known to be volumizing. This means they are designed to help blow open the hair shaft for a fuller mane. They are not designed for humans nor are they designed to stimulate hair growth.

While horse shampoos used on humans may help to slightly fatten some types of human hair due to the volumizing action of the product, it is very unlikely it will have any impact on speeding hair growth. If you want more hair volume, invest in a human formula that is specifically designed to add thickness.

Because horse shampoos do cause the hair shaft to swell, for both horses and humans, it is possible that fans of horse shampoos mistake the feeling of volume with added growth. Volumizing agents like those found in horse shampoos will cause some human hair to swell, feeling fuller and possibly more rough.

Swing Style Pony

Will Horse Shampoos Harm Your Hair?

Will using a horse shampoo harm your hair?

It depends on your hair's natural texture, type and condition. If you have colored or highlighted hair, using horse shampoo may actually help to accelerate the loss of your hair colors or highlights. This is because any shampoo which opens the hair shaft, allows color pigments to be more easily washed out.

If your hair is damaged, horse shampoo, unless it is especially moisturizing, may also add to the feeling of dryness, roughness and offer potential for the development of split ends and hair breakage.

When hair is in good condition, horse shampoo will most likely not harm the hair but it also will not help it grow faster, stronger or be better conditioned.

Actual Fast Hair Growth Options

Healthy hair generally grows 1/2 inch per month. This growth rate may vary depending on a wide range of factors include the Seasons of the Year. Due to illness, poor nutrition, stress, medication or other conditions, some people will not experience any hair growth whatsoever. For those people they will benefit from hair vitamins that strengthen the hair, helping it grow, whereas without vitamins the hair may not grow at all.

Celebrities, supermodels and actresses have long understood the secret of transforming their ho-hum short locks instantly with hair extensions, semi-permanent and clip-in temporaries. To instantly add length to your shorter strands for creation of any of these gorgeous side gathered styles, check out the many clip-in extension options from Jessica Simpson's HairDo line or from the HairUWear Pop collection.


If you like using a horse shampoo for some reason such as cost, aroma or convenience and it doesn't seem to harm your hair, go ahead and use it. However, keep in mind it will most likely not help your hair grow any faster than normal. If you want faster growing hair you have to address the overall health of your hair with good nutrition, a long term vitamin regime and a program of good hair care.

If you want instant long hair you also have the option to do what Hollywood celebrities do and invest in instant clip-ins.

The bottom line about horse shampoo is that it has never been proven to make human hair grow faster or have any special benefits. Afterall, shampoo is designed to clean the hair and that is what most horse shampoos do.

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