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Hello Hair Boutique Visitors! This is my consumer product review for Viviscal. My curiosity about Viviscal was sparked when I read a small article in Cosmo about some model who used it to grow her hair at an extremely fast rate.

Note: The original article that appeared in Cosmo Magazine about Viviscal and was quoted in Hair Boutique's Hair News for August 14th, 1998.

I forgot about it until I began visiting Now, I am a frequent visitor to the website and after reading numerous postings on Viviscal I decided to try it in hopes that my hair growth would increase.

Chopped Off Hair

I chopped off my naturally curly hair before Christmas to just below my ears. I loved the cut, but after a while, I started to want my long hair back.

The short hair was fun but it was nothing compared to just throwing it back in a ponytail for a quick fix. My hair grows pretty fast, but it never seemed fast enough for me! I'm sure there are a lot of you who feel the same way.

Results With Viviscal

I began taking Viviscal on January 11th and have recently finished a month's supply. I measured my hair form top to bottom at 11 inches on January 11th. I measured it again on February 18th when I finished my first pack.

I was amazed to see that it had grown to 12 1/2 inches!!!! That is also including a 1/4 inch trim I got at the beginning of February.

While taking the supplement I thought my hair looked a bit longer, but I waited until I got proof to believe it was actually growing at a faster rate. While using Viviscal I did not notice any negative side effects. The other hair on my body did not grow any faster or thicker. My finger nails started growing a little faster but nothing amazing.

I wouldn't say that my hair grew in thicker but it does seem a lot healthier now. My hair is pretty thick anyway so I couldn't tell.

Downside Of Viviscal

There are only two negative things I have to say about this product: 1. The price is a bit steep for the average person ($78.00 for a 1 month supply) It is cheaper if you buy it in bulk. ($66.30 for 4 packs or more)

Note: At the time that this article was written in April 2000 the average cost of Viviscal for 30 days was $80-$100. Viviscal can now be found for much lower pricing at a variety of Web and retail outlets. 2. Viviscal has a distinct fishy taste and smell! Since the product is derived from marine origin, it isn't much of a surprise, but if the smell and taste of fish turns you off it may be really hard to take this product regularly.

There is also a warning on the box saying that people who are allergic to seafood and shellfish might want to stay away from this product.

Technical Information

Here is some technical info on Viviscal: Recommended Dosage: 2 tablets per day (1 in the morning, 1 in the evening) for 6-8 months. Thereafter as maintenance 1 tablet per day. *keep in mind this product was developed as a treatment for baldness* Ingredients: Cartiligeous Seafood Extract (North Pacific Marine), Acerola Extract, Silica Compounds, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Sterate, Natural Black Current Flavor. Nutritional Info: Based on a 2,000 calorie diet Calories 2 Fat 0 Carbohydrates 1 g Protein 0.1 g Vitamin C 30 mg Remember Viviscal is not FDA evaluated since it is classified as a supplement.

Note: Before taking Viviscal*, when in doubt, consult with your primary health practioner. Although Viviscal has proven completely safe and effective for the majority of consumers who take the product, some people with seafood or similar allergies need to check with their doctor before taking the product to be completely safe.

Ordering Viviscal

I ordered Viviscal. Now there have been some speculation as to what would occur if you stopped taking the supplement.

I stopped taking it for about five days while I was waiting for my new package to arrive and my hair didn't fall out, break off or any other terrible thing you could imagine.

Not An Advertisement

I would also like to remind everyone that this review is not intended to encourage you to buy anything and is not an advertisement for Viviscal. I merely wanted to set the facts straight about Viviscal and make it less of a mystery.

Everyone's experience with this supplement could be different and all I can report on is my own!

Ordering Viviscal

If you'd like to order Viviscal* by credit card, call toll free at 1-866-469-4247 Monday through Friday 9-5 Central Standard US Time or order online through the Marketplace. offers many different money saving long term purchase plans so check out the various options. They also offer a subscription service for saving time and money.

For check or money orders, call for details at 1-866-469-4247 and you can send payment to: 651 N. Plano Road Suite 401 Richardson, TX. 75081 The fax number is (214) 853-5710.

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- Revised Publication Date: 10/10/10

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