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VIVIENNE MACKINDER Presents Roots & Wings

VIVIENNE MACKINDER Presents Roots & Wings*

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“The greatest gift we can give ourselves as hairdressers are Roots and Wings… Roots being a solid foundation and Wings representing our spirit of creativity and artistry...” Vivienne Mackinder The famous Roots and Wings educational experience is back by popular demand…

Close-Up and Personal…Interact with Vivienne Mackinder in a New York Photo Studio.


Roots and Wings explores the magic of “hairstyling mastery,” from a mind-body- spirit perspective. It is a profound life-changing experience. Hair becomes the medium for greater self-awareness.

As commercial artists we must always be open to reinvent ourselves, staying current to each new season’s fashion demands.

If you took just 2% of your earnings to invest back into yourself, just imagine the difference it would make in your career and life. You give so much to others, don’t forget to give to yourself - remember you are worth it!

My own personal experience has taught me that on-going education is the key to being successful and staying inspired. As with every creative endeavor, a balance must exist between teaching the fundamentals and encouraging freedom of expression. You must learn the rules before you break the rules.

Subjects covered – 5 days of practical sessions

Classic and Avant-Garde Cutting and Razor Cutting

Classic Dresswork – Classic Setting Techniques

Avant-Garde Dresswork – Hair Extensions & Hair Pieces

Assist and observe a photo shoot with top NY team.



Lifestyle Imaging

Geometry and Building Shapes

Unleash Your Creativity – Color Presentation

Photo Shoot – Building Your Portfolio

Tips on entering NAHA – The North American Hairdressing Awards

How to Storyboard and Design New Collections



5 day program - 12 participants

Program activities

AM 9:00 to 12:30

PM 1:30 to 5:30


Power Point Lecture

Classic Cutting


Classic cut

Classic razor

Power Point Lecture

Classic Cutting


Classic cut

Classic razor


Power Point Lecture– Fashion


Avant-Garde Cutting

Power Point Lecture– New Trends


Razor cutting



Dry Cutting – free hand

Carving & Sculpting

Color Presentation


Color placement

Dress work

Setting techniques



Setting techniques

Classic Dress work


Classic dresswork



Fashion / Lifestyle

Observe and assist at Photo shoot.


Editorial dresswork

Interpreting fashion


Hair extensions

Fashion Mannequin

Tears from magazines

*Special promotional price for November 26th to 30th 2001 - $1,250.00 The Pure Program - Normal price $2,250.00 Note: A few seats are still available for this incredible event).

  • Coming had the great honor and pleasure to interview Vivienne and find out about all the amazing things she is working on in the hair and fashion worlds. Stay tuned to read this in-depth interview.

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