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Almost everyone from major movie stars and celebrities to everyday people are obsessed with anti-aging products.

Every day a new product or a new surgery procedure comes to the market as the new “it” product for younger looks.

Yet so many women overlook a simple and painless method that is guaranteed to make anyone look younger. Hair color!

Coloring the hair should actually fall into that category because it can actually make you look younger. Changing your hair can significantly affect the way someone perceives your age.

“If you have grey hair with no shine and no color, you are doing yourself a disservice. You can dramatically change your look without having plastic surgery”, says Paul Cucinello, Color Specialist at the Christopher Stanley Salon in New York City.

Look Younger Instantly - Get A New Look

Vera Farmiga All Rights Reserved

Listed below are some of Paul's tips to look younger instantly:

Sometimes you need to go through pictures and look at how long we’ve been fooling ourselves.

Are you still sporting the same look as when you were a teenager? You don’t need to have the trendiest hair style but your cut should definitely be current.

Browse through some magazines. If you’re style is no where to be found, you’re probably ready for a change.

Lose the grey

The best thing about having grey hair is how beautiful the natural gradation of color is. It’s usually lighter in the front and gets darker in the back.

The most natural looking hair colors can be achieved off of hair with a gradient. Choose a semi or demi-permanent color that is closest to what your hair color was as a child only a little warmer. Demi-

Color will fill in the cuticle of the hair and restore your hairs youthful, healthy shine. Permanent color can completely erase grey but will create a much more harsh line as it grows out. Then, retouch your roots every 4-6 weeks.

Brighten up

Have mousy-brown hair? Don’t worry. This is the best hair to color to dye because it falls in the middle.

Going a little lighter or brighter is always a more youthful approach. Ask for colors like butter blonde, golden blonde, rich honey, honey brown, golden brown, or auburn.

Always Condition

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After you’ve achieved the desired color, treat your hair like a very expensive fabric. Deep conditioners are essential. Not just the kind you buy in the stores.

In-salon treatments can stop hair from breaking and restore softness and shine to abused hair. Don’t rip through it with combs and fry it with heat styling tools.

Hair that is dry and damaged looks old and unhealthy.

Tone the Makeup Down

Foundation and powder dry up in fine lines and accentuate them. If you have good skin, show it off. Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher to protect your skin from sun damage.

Use concealer only on specific areas; broken blood vessels, acne or dark circles. Choose soft sheer colors that will only emphasize your eyes and lips not completely hide or re-color them. You want to look natural but enhanced.

Raise Brows

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Try lightening your brows if they are too dark or add a bit if they are too light.

Brows should frame the face and bring out your eyes. They shouldn’t be drawing more attention to fine lines and wrinkles so make sure to keep them arched nicely and the right color for your new, youthful look.

Lash Out

If your eyelashes are blonde or too light, dye them black. You want dark, long lashes. Many spas and salons offer lash tinting and now you can also get eyelash extensions!

If you have fine or sparse lashes, run out right now and get lash extensions. They will look absolutely amazing! Individual lashes are applied with surgical grade adhesive and last for up to 3 months.

About Paul Cucinello

Vera Farmiga All Rights Reserved

Specialist Paul Cucinello was voted as best colorist by New York Magazine and has been dubbed by beauty insiders as the “Brunette Specialist” but also works magic on blondes, redheads and gray hair.

Today, at the Christopher Stanley Salon, his primary focus is on hair color correction. Paul began his career at the Antonio Pietro Salon where he perfected his signature techniques.

His clients include celebrities, top magazine editors and major CEOs but the modest Paul isn’t concerned with impressing you with the names of his celebrity clients.

With a Major in Fine Arts from the Parson School of Design, Paul uses his passion for art to paint the tresses of each client with the perfect balance of shine, beauty and natural color.

To book an appointment or to learn more about Paul, please call the Christopher Stanley Salon at 212-924-2877.

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