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In late 2002/early 2003 established a wonderful ongoing partnership with world class hair accessories manufacturer, Evita Peroni. Since that time featured the collection in the Hair Boutique's Marketplace.

Evita Peroni has always expanded the notion of what is feminine. Whether it's a woman's unstoppable playfulness or her uncontrollable curiosity or her stunning knack for doing the unexpected, Evita Peroni accessory products express beauty and feminine appeal in all its glorious complexity.

The Evita Peroni line celebrates women in revolutionary fashion in all of their lines including their world class, high fashion hair accessories.

Evita Peroni offers gorgeous hair accessories for women of all ages and walks of life with any length or texture of hair from very long to very short.

The entire world is Evita Peroni's stage. From worldwide locations in Copenhagen, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco and London, the creative spirits of Evita Peroni accessories draw magical inspiration from all parts of the globe during all the seasons.

Evita Peroni strives to honor the beauty of hair by designing "hair friendly" products such as elastic pony accessories and ponytail clips that will not rip, tear or break beloved hair in any way.

The Evita Peroni designers are also concerned with designing chignon sticks that are perfectly smooth so that the sticks will not accidentally catch the hair and snag or damage it in any way.

Evita Peroni collections also feature jeweled hair combs. The teeth of the combs are very smooth and all the attached jewels are designed to be snag proof. Evita Peroni does care about designing hair accessories that are beautiful, functional, affordable and safe for the hair.

Evita Peroni is dedicated to using only the best materials in all of their accessory designs. All of the Evita Peroni pony elastics, pony clips, chignon sticks and combs use the finest stones. The majority of the pieces are hand beaded, painstakingly handmade and 100% unique and original.

The Perfect Gift

Any bride can guarantee that her attendants all have the same hair adornments by giving each one of them a memorable gift from the Evita Peroni collection.

Evita Peroni hair accessories would be a gift that either a bride or her attendants could cherish for a lifetime. It is also a gift which is unusual and can be worn for any special event.

They're Gorgeous & They Are Affordable

Although the Evita Peroni gems are guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality they are a great investment when compared to any other hair accessories currently available on the market. Which I have always loved and admired about the line is how unique each design is.

Ever Changing Collection of Hair Accessories

Evita Peroni is famous for the fact that they constantly are introducing new collections. The collections follow the traditional catwalk, high fashion seasons. Every year the company releases a major Spring and Fall collection. These two major collections are supplemented by smaller intimate collections that include a Holiday collection and a Summer collection.

A symphony of the latest fashion hues is tucked into every new collection! These uniquely designed hair accessories are often encrusted with a virtual cornucopia of stones and crystals that catch every ray of light and send it dancing off in all directions. They range in colors and hues that are spectacular in every way.

Unlike other hair accents the Evita Peroni accessories are designed to include authentic Austrian and/or Swarovski crystals that are fully faceted, similar to real gemstones. This offers a special difference because the bottom layer of crystal facets makes all the difference in the play of light and color.

The Evita Peroni accessories sparkle with added brilliance, turning any hairstyle into a dazzling work of art! The offer the essential accessory for that night on the town, the perfect gift for a special someone.

Mix and match from each Evita Peroni collection to suit your personal tastes, hair color or wardrobe!

Evita Peroni - Hair Accessory Care

Evita Peroni products made out of plastic, nylon or acetate may be gently washed with warm water and then dried with a soft cloth. In an emergency these products may be also swished gently through lukewarm water that has a small amount of dish washing detergent. Remember to always dry with a soft cloth to avoid scratching your precious accessory.

Any of the Evita Peroni accessories that are made out of yarn, chiffon or silk must only be dry cleaned.

Swarovski or other crystal stone encrusted accessories can be rinsed carefully with clear lukewarm water and then allowed to air dry or a clean soft cloth.

Products made with real or glass pearls can be carefully rinsed in clear cool water and allowed to air dry. Avoid any prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Accessories made with metal may be rinsed in clear lukewarm water. They must be immediately dried with a clean soft cloth. If water is allowed to stand on metals they may oxidize. We are honored to have Evita Peroni in our Marketplace.

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