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The Bachelorette: Reality Hair


Photo of all 25 initial bachelors on The Bachelorette - - Front Row: Jack, Brian K., Wayne, Jeff, Paul, Duane - Second Row: Rob, Jaime, Gregg H., Brian H., Billy, Eric, Matt - Third Row: Russell, Charlie, Peter, Brook, Josh, Michael, Back Row: Chris, Brian C, Greg T, Ryan, Bob, Brian S.

America is currently in love with Reality TV. Many of us love to watch Ozzy and the gang to see what wild new hair the kids will have and how many times they'll get bleeped.

Others are really into the reality romance shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Joe Millionaire and Brides in Alaska, Hawaii or wherever they pop up next.

Yes, I willingly confess that I have watched every single episode of the first and second Bachelor shows, The Bachelorette and Joe Millionaire.

I also watched Temptation Island #1 and #2. Unfortunately there are just too many shows for my overburdened Tivo to record. I have to admit that I'm only able to really focus on shows that tickle my hair watching fancy.

One thing that I've noticed with all of the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows, which are ABC Network properties, is that good hair is definitely in full view while bad hair is minimal.

My original hypothesis was that both of the original Bachelors, Alex Michel and Aaron Buerge, had a thing for blondes.

Alex Michel's final two bachelorettes included blondes Amanda Marsh and Trista Rehn after dumping his third choice, beautiful brunette Shannon Oliver. Although Amanda won Alex, Trista made out even better bagging fame, and probably fortune, as ABC's first Bachelorette.

Bachelor #2, Aaron Buerge, also seemed to prefer light haired women as he narrowed his final three down to stunning blondes Gwen Gioia and Brooke Smith. In the final episode, Aaron got down on bended knee for the classy brunette Helene, with blonde cutie Brooke riding off into the Sunset in her stretch limo. Now it appears that maybe Aaron really had a thing for blondes since he and Helene have publicly announced their recent demise.

L-R of Ryan, Trista, Russ, Charlie & Waiter at Trista's Birthday Party

Bachelorette Trista Rehn has done an about face in the hair hue department showing a preference for brunettes with her final three male selections consisting of the dark haired Charlie, Ryan and Russ.

Is it true what they say? You party with a blonde but marry the brunette? It certainly seems to be an emerging trend with the reality dating shows. Even Joe Millionaire is rumored to be heading for the altar with the brunette beauty Zora although his final two also includes blonde "bondage beauty" Sara Kozer.

Not only do all the guys have darker hued strands, they all have hair that is somewhat similar in length and style. While Joe Millionaire and Bachelors #1 and #2 all displayed an attraction to longer haired beauties, regardless of color, Trista has shown obvious preference for clean cut guys with short tresses.

Although she kept softly whisked Rob in the running until the Final Four, the current finalists, Ryan and Charlie, are free of facial hair and long locks. (

Charlie sports a definite successful businessman's brushed back coif which is completely different than Ryan's softy casual style. The newly dumped Russ wore a hairstyle that was short like Charlie and Ryan but with a more obvious hip, happening California spiked look.

By profession Russ is a writer which his style reflects. Although not a fan favorite, in all fairness, Russ always gave good hair for the cameras.

Both Charlie and Russ appear to have a thing for lots of gel which was even more obvious on their intimate dates with Trista. Charlie's usual "every hair in place" look was replaced in Cabo San Lucas with a messy, gel free style, that showed his natural waves and curls. If gave him a more relaxed, "I'm on vacation" look that showed a softer romantic side.

Russ still had his trademark style during his trip with Trista to Sedona but his spikes definitely appeared less pronounced. Unfortunately his relatively relaxed strands did not save him from an awkward date the ended with him getting dumped from the running.

Hunky fire fighter Ryan wears his hair in a soft, no fuss, tousled look that perfectly highlights his boyish charm.

After all, when he's not painting, writing prose or being a nice guy reality star, Ryan is a dedicated public servant in laid back Vail, Colorado. When you're rushing off to fight fires, there probably isn't a lot of time to style your coif with care.

When asked about his hair, Ryan told me "I do my own hair. I use a towel and dry it off straight out of the shower, that's pretty much it".

While blondes seem to do well until the final cut, redheads and multi-hued hotties seem conspicuous by their absence.

Even more conspicuous was the absence of men on the Bachelorette with thinning, receding or bald scalps.

All three of Trista's final three have full heads of well coifed locks that are worn short and neat.

Although curly mop tops Bob and Rob made it into the final eight, they didn't survive the final four. If you look at the photo of the original 25 bachelors that Trista had to select from, you will see that short, well groomed, hair that was worn back was the most prominent style.

I did not find any bachelors with gray or red locks. Also absent was dreadlocks, super long locks, although Duane had a shoulder length do, or wild rainbow hues. Of course none of the potential love matches had braids, Mohawks or other over-the-top hairstyles the might turn off on Trista.


Obviously the bachelors were picked with Trista's particular taste in mind. Based on her final three, it is obvious that Trista resonates to tall, dark, handsome with short, clean shaven coifs.

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