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Conair Professional Straightening Iron Model CS19JCS

The sun filled days of summer bring hair challenges

Yes, we all know that there are straightening irons out there that can set hair consumers back $200-300. But why spend the extra bucks if you don't have to? Conair offers

This product would fall into the category of "heavy duty" straightener.

Conair has always been a leader in the development of fantastic hot tools at reasonable prices for hair consumers. Such is the case with this Professional Straightening Iron.

The lab at Conair is always working hard to create the latest, great products for their hot tool lines. Straightening irons are always at the top of their priority list.

Protect the surface

Get in the habit of using styling aids that contain UV protectors and anti-oxidants. They'll help prevent damage and keep your haircolor looking fresher longer. Opt for sun hats at the beach or coat your hair with a protective oil, like Phyto-Plage, which is formulated for sun protection.

Finally, while it is true that nothing completely repairs hair or split ends, many newer products temporarily fill in internal gaps and boost hair from the inside out, so it looks lots better, until real damage grows out. Check out the latest hair treatments to reverse damage such as PhytoKarite Intensive Treatment, Phytocitrus Mask and related nourishing masks and see what they do for you.

This straightening iron contains the following key features:

Phytoplage - Hair & Body Sun Shampoo

Hair & body sun shampoo is great for all hair types, especially swimmers. Kuikui nut oil hydrates & moisturizes, plant marrow conditions as coconut oil gently cleanses. This dual purpose product is perfect for active people.


One of the best features of this Conair Professional straightening iron is the 2" extra wide plates which allow larger sections of hair to be straightened at the same time. Other strengtheners do not contain these wide plates and thus limit how much hair can be straightened at any one time, slowing down the entire straightening process.

The iron has almost instant heat-up with a 60 second heat up feature. Many other irons can take longer to heat up. Not this iron. Turn it on and it heats up.

It is a well known fact that naturally curly or wavy hair is more fragile than naturally straight strands. Another wonderful feature of this iron is that is offers 25 variable heat settings for every type and texture of hair. This offers protection from burning delicate strands.

All Conair hot tools are designed to incorporate safety features. This iron is no different. It has an automatic shut-off. No need to worry about leaving your iron on when you leave the house and causing a fire. It automatically shuts off.


The thicker and curlier the hair being straightened, the longer it may take to get it completely straightened. Why? When hair is super thick, wavy and/or curly, it may require that you run the iron over the strands 2-4 times. The longer the hair, the longer the time to run the iron from the roots to the ends.

This is a well designed straightening iron but because of the extra wide plates, which are a key positive, it makes it harder to get as close to the scalp and the roots as some people might desire. However, many people prefer the advantage of the big plates over getting right down to the roots. It is all a matter of personal preference and desire.

Also, the bigger plates make the iron heavier and bulkier than the thinner plate irons. Again, what is a positive - big plates, can also be a negative because the iron may be a little unwieldy for some.

Overall this iron has received very good reviews and many users mention the extra large plates for straightening a lot larger sections at one time. They also mention the quick heat up time, the automatic turn-off and the many heat settings. However, this iron does not allow you to straighten hair that is wet or damp. Hair must be dry first. The good news? Conair does make other irons that can be used on wet or dry hair.

Additional Review Notes

Stephanie of Georgia who has "very thick, long and wavy that is hip-length" hair used the Conair Professional Straightening Iron and reported "I don't straighten my hair anymore, but when I did, this was a pretty good tool. The removable comb and boar bristle attachments were the best features for her mass of thick waves and curls".

She noted "the comb kept my hair from slipping from between the plates, and the boar bristle attachment was great for finishing the job, smoothing down frizzies and my hair in general".

Stephanie believes this is "a good iron for someone with short enough hair that time concerns and tool weight aren't a big issue". She believes that the ideal iron would be lighter and smaller but with the same attachments and plates.

About Conair

Manufacturer of hair dryers, curling irons, straighteners, hair setters, personal grooming trimmers, haircutting kits, and other personal and home care. All Conair products can be found in the Marketplace.


Would I recommend this iron? Depending on the type of hair to be straightened I definitely would recommend this iron. Like most hair straighteners this products offers both Pros and Cons. Many users found this product a great tool because of the extra wide plates, quick heat up times, many different heat settings and the automatic turn off.

Yes, the iron can be a little heavier and can't be used on wet strands, but it wasn't designed to be. One of the key advantages to this iron is the fact that Conair is a very trustworthy company and they offer a two year limited warranty on the product. I have been dealing with Conair for 10 years now through and I am always impressed by the way they take care of their customers.

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