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Summer Hair Care Product Round-Up


Even though Summer is one of the best times of the year for fun and relaxation, it can also be one of the most damaging times of the year for your hair.

If you are in the sun even for a few minutes, your hair is in danger from the powerful rays of the sun. The warmth of the sun may feel fabulous but it can also damage your hair. The world class Phytotherathrie Laboratories developed the very first sun hair care line back in 1975 specifically to help protect from the ravages of summer hair damage.

Hair Products That Provide Special Care

The Phytotherapists prepared a very special hair care program that can help you to keep your gorgeous locks healthy, beautiful and moisturized even after long hours of exposure in the Summer sun.

The program consists of five different products designed to protect hair from the sun before damage occurs and to help damaged hair recover, if your hair has already been affected by the sun's rays.

The Phyto products include the following:

Phytoplage Sun Protection Oil Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil Phytoplage Moisturizing Sun Gel Phytoplage Hair and Body Shampoo Phytoplage After-Sun Repair Mask

The Sun Protection Oil and the Protective Sun Veil provide similar benefits, which is a sunscreen for your hair. The Moisturizing Sun Gel offers the protection of a sunscreen along with styling at the same time.

Which product is right for you? It depends on your preference. The Sun Protection Oil is the original sun hair care product developed by the folks at Phyto.

Sun Damage Prevention

Before you go out into the sun apply Phytoplage Sun Protection Oil which is also known as "the Original" hair protection product from Phyto. You can also use the Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil before or during exposure to the sun. Apply the Sun Protection Oil or Protective Sun Veil products on either wet or dry hair. Remember to reapply the product after swimming to maximize protection.

Whether you are relaxing on the beach, hanging out in the water, remember that the sun is everywhere. Even if you only want to step out for a short trip to the store, remember to always protect your hair.

For a great summer wet look apply the Phytoplage Moisturizing Sun Gel. The Moisturizing Sun Gel is non-greasy and will leave your hair silky and very easy to manage.

After Sun Exposure

After a day in the sun or at the beach be sure to shower to remove any damaging salt or pool chemicals. Phytoplage Hair and Body Shampoo is a great product to use for your hair and your entire body. This incredible product will even lather up in salt water. Apply Phytoplage Moisturizing Sun Gel to newly shampooed damp hair to create a summer wet look.

Deep Treatments

If your hair has been damaged or dehydrated by prolonged exposure to the sun than use the Phytoplage After-Sun Repair Mask on a weekly basis.

This incredible moisturizing mask restores the natural moisture levels of your hair shaft and soothes dry scalps.

Frizzy Hair Causes

Natural oils and moisture are essential to smooth and healthy hair. Most human hair is made up of approximately 10-12% moisture. If the natural moisture level in your hair drops below normal levels, dryness and frizz can be the result.

Frizzy hair can plague all types of hair types and textures from thin to thick, straight to curly, Besides the lack of natural oils and moisture, frizzy hair can be the result of protein deficiencies either in your diet or in the cortex of your hair.

Hair that is naturally curly, wavy or is a combination has cuticles that are shaped in such a way as to prevent the cuticle from completely closing. This fact allows the moisture in the hair shaft to be lost.

If your hair has been bleached, colored, permed or straightened, the chemicals may well have damaged the hair's natural ability to absorb and retain moisture. This is also true of hair that is often exposed to sun, chlorinated and salt water.

Externally applied silicone products can instantly help neutralize frizzy hair. Although it can and does help hair attain a smoother look, it is only a temporary fix for a long term reoccurring issue. The ideal frizzy hair fix is to identify and discontinue the causes of the problem rather than simply applying a band-aid to the symptoms.

Good moisture enhancing products contain some form of humectants that not only moisture back but attracts moisture and retains it in the cortex of the hair.


Hair beauty and overall physical health go hand in hand. Without one you can't have the other.

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