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Short Hairstyles: Reasons To Consider


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Some women adore long hair, others prefer medium lengths while others enjoy their short sassy looks.

I have met many women who would never part with their hard earned long locks just as I have met women that would never consider letting their short hair grow past their collarbones.

That is the beauty of life. We all have our own likes and dislikes about our hair, our makeup and our fashions.

I personally do not advocate any right or wrong length of hair but instead encourage everyone to wear their hair according to their own tastes, lifestyle, budget and to flatter their face, hair type and textures. Although I have had my own hair very long for many years, I admire beautiful hair in any length.

Advantages To Short Hair Styles:

In all fairness there are advantages and disadvantages to all lengths of hair from short to long. However, if you have always been a shy about considering short hair but secretly want to consider it, listed below are some of the key advantages that short hair can offer:

Short hair is extremely flexible.

Image Courtesy of Clairol 2003

Clairol All Rights Reserved

A wonderfully crafted shorter style can open up endless styling possibilities. You can experiment with an endless array of hair care products that range from gels and waxes to creams and sprays.

You can spike, scrunch, backcomb, curl, wave or style your shorter do stick straight with a range of blow dryers, irons, clips, pins and accessories.

The new hot flat irons can be used in a myriad of ways on small short hair sections and then layered, creating unusual yet edgy styles.

Short hair is never boring.

Because short hair is so incredible flexible it can work with any type or texture of hair from fine to thick, straight to curly and wavy or a combination.

Image Alyssa Milano

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Short hair is never boring because it will constantly change shape as it grows. Ultimately you have the option to wear it longer or shorter with minimal investment in time or effort.

Short hair is always in fashion

If you look back at hair history over the past 100 years you will find that the bob, the pixie, the shag, the chop and several other classic short styles that continue to remain fashionable regardless of the time period. With all the next clip on ponies and instant hair extension products available, a short cut can be instantly transformed into a longer look in a matter of minutes.

Short hair can be instant wash and wear

The current trend towards the super short pixie worn by stars Alyssa Milano and Marley Shelton are the ultimate in wash and wear hair. You can lather up, towel dry and finger pick and air dry in a matter of minutes. This is a wonderful advantage to very busy people who don't have the time or interest in dealing with complicated styles.

Short hair can be instant wear because there is a lot less hair to mess with. With the right short cut, hair will instantly glide into place and look amazing with little chance for styling errors.

Short hair can be ultra chic

Not only can shorter styles be seen as more professional, they can be viewed as more elegant, chic and sophisticated.

A shorter cut can be cut and maintained in such a way as to make it look beautifully polished and alluring. A great short cut can work wonders for creating a professional or business image.

Image Courtesy of Clairol 2003

Clairol All Rights Reserved

Worried about letting your sexy side out? Even super short cuts can be softened and made more sensual for off-hours events with a little styling wax and hot tools.

Short hair can offer an instant new image

Whether you want to show off a new weight loss or a hot new wardrobe or even an eye lift, a newly short style can be very flattering and youthful. It can be slimming and add vibrancy and new energy to your look and image.

One of the reasons that makeover hairstylists and artists often take their subjects to a shorter length is because it highlights a new image. Women of any age, with some considerations, can go short and look spectacular.


If you think you might like a short style in the future but are nervous about short hair remorse, consider taking your style shorter in timed increments. You might want to start with a medium length bob and then work your way up to a shorter shag or chop.

Don't forget to ask your stylist to help you select a style that works best with your age, face shape, hair's type and texture and your lifestyle demands.

Whether you are attracted to a short style or not, follow the basic rules of new hairstyle selection by taking your time, thinking through all the options and discussing it with your friends, loved ones and ultimately your stylist.

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