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Short Hair Summer Rules


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Humans were born with hair covering their head and other parts of their body specifically to serve as protection from temperature extremes and in the Summer, rays of the Sun.

While everyone needs to pay extra attention to their strands in the Summer months, there are special rules for people with short hair styles.

The shorter your tresses, the more careful you need to be to protect against sun or wind burns.

Although it has never been conclusively proven, some experts believe that when hair roots are exposed to extended periods of the sun's rays, that the hair roots are more likely to burn.

Some hair experts believe that when tender scalps and hair roots suffer from a sunburn, they are more at risk for sustaining permanent damage.

This damage could ultimately result in long term hair loss or hair thinning. This is especially true if the roots are damaged to the point where they no longer are able to produce new hair growth.

Short to very short strands will also expose more areas of the head and face including the ears, neck and parts of the face to the sun than hairstyles with long strands.

When hair is worn super short it is very important to apply the appropriate level of sunscreen to all exposed face and head areas including the ears, front and back of the neck and face.

Short Hair Summer Rules

Short Naturally Curly Haircut

Follow the special Short Hair Summer Rules below:

1. Go Much Shorter

For most people, hair grows much faster in the summer months than any other time of the year. Why not take advantage of the faster growth cycle and go with a sizzling new short style that you have been lusting after.

If you don't like your new edgy do, the summer heat and rays of the Sun with all of its natural Vitamin D will kick up your grow out phase with minimal pain if you want to quickly ditch the shorter style.

2. Shorten Trim Cycles

Although it's wonderful that hair grows faster in the summer, for short haired styles this can be a disadvantage since short cuts require meticulous maintenance to keep their edge.

If you currently keep your short style looking fresh with trims every 4-6 weeks, you may wish to shorten your maintenance cycle to every 3-5 weeks during the Summer season.

Hint: Since the Summer months are especially busy for many people, why not book all of your Summer trim and cut appointments in advance. A pre-planned schedule of appointment with your favorite hairdresser will keep your short strands looking spectacular all summer long.

3. Opt For A Range Of Strategic Lowlights For Fast Root Re-growth Coverage

Another disadvantage of faster growing hair is the accelerated appearance of darker roots. Short hair can hide dark root re-growth better than longer styles but ultimately if left unattended long enough, they will become obvious.

Experiment with the addition of some strategically placed lowlights at the beginning of summer that are carefully blended in with your lighter hues. This will help camouflage root re-growth and extend the life of your normal highlights throughout the sunny season.

Short Naturally Curly Haircut

4. Go Brighter, Bolder, Chunkier

Shorter strands can handle a bolder range of hues than medium to longer tresses can.

If you've had your eye on a dramatically different hue, but are concerned that it may be too much of a a major departure from your normal color, take advantage of the faster Summer growth cycle and work with your favorite hair colorist to try something fearless.

Since hair color fades faster in the sun and combined with the accelerated growth cycle, any unwanted bold colors will quickly settle into a softer, more natural tone.

5. Give Strands A Shampoo Break

While it's generally true that accumulated oil and grease is more noticeable on shorter strands than longer ones, summer heat mixed with rays of the sun will make even the greasiest hair will be much drier during the hot summer months.

Consider washing your hair every other day, if possible. This gives hair a much needed break.

If you can't skip even one day, consider experimenting with diluted shampoo formulas or much lighter cleansing formulas that are generally less drying to the hair and skin.

6. Air Dry With Panache

Kylie Minogue

Excessive blow dryer blasts can damage hair, resulting in dry, frizzy or fuzzy tresses. Take advantage of the warm Summer breezes and allow tresses to air-dry.

If frizz is a concern, whip up a cocktail of a light leave-in conditioner with a defrisant formula and apply to damp strands. If you must blow dry, do so only to remove most of the moisture and finish with a slow air-dry.

7. Experiment With New Styling Products

Summer heat may contribute to limp strands. To guarantee lots of fullness, spritz a volumizing product onto damp roots before blow drying or air-drying.

Keep in mind that some styling products might not work as well in hot summer month. This might include hair waxes and pomades which can get sticky or greasy in hotter climates. Switch to lighter cream based products and experiment with cocktailing them together.

Skimp on shine products that might not react as well with summer heat and cause a grease slick instead of sexy shine.

8. Stock Up On Cool Summer Headwear

Natalie Portman Cannes Film Festival - 2005

Not everyone can wear bandanas, bandeaus or du-rag style headbands. If your scalp and face are well shaped and you enjoy the close fit of snug headwear, experiment with covering your strands to prevent burnt scalps or hair color fading.

Stick with heat friendly materials made of cottons or cotton blends. Save the Charmeuse silks or satins for evening wear when the Sun goes down and the air cools.


Sail through summer with short tresses and make it the best one ever by following some of the short hair summer rules listed above.

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