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Short Hair: Paris Hilton's Short Braids


Paris Hilton 2006

Paris Hilton changes hair lengths, colors and styles almost as quickly as she cycles through men. Recently she wore a stunning hairdo that consisted of carefully crafted short braids.

Although Paris has received lots of attention for her long hairstyles in the past, currently she is showing a fondness for short hair styles.

Her latest short braided tresses track well with the current Retro Hip Hop strands that feature an array of braids, ponytails and side ponies.

The beauty of Paris Hilton's short braided do is that it's very hip and sassy yet dressy and elegant. It's a perfect style for weddings, Proms or other party hair events.

The style can work on most hair types, textures and hues. With appropriate adjustments, it can be modified to look great with any face shape.

Whether you have a super short pixie, bob or crop, this style is still possible with add-on ponytails or braids that can be easily pinned on either side of your head and then carefully integrated in such a fashion as to give you the look of a dressy braided style.

The hairdo that Paris is wearing with her short strands is most likely either temporary hair extensions or an add-on braid. Since Paris has access to some of the best and most famous celebrity hairdressers around the world, it explains why her hair always is leading edge.

Steal Paris Hilton's Short Braids

Paris Hilton 01-16-06

Follow the special Step By Step Instructions below to steal Paris' latest look:

1. To duplicate Paris' sleek short braided hairstyle, shampoo hair with a product designed to address your hair's special needs.

If you color, highlight or chemically treat your hair, select a shampoo that supports those treatments. If you prefer, use a dilution formula or a conditioning only (CO) treatment.

Note: For extra volume around the crown area, try PhytoVolume Shampoo or PhytoVolume Mousse Shampoo

2. Apply the appropriate rinse-out conditioners. (Avoid if hair is super thin or fine).

3. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to close cuticles and encourage natural shine.

4. Towel blot and apply very light cocktail of desired leave-in detangler, conditioner or styling products (firm holding mousse or gel).

5. For extra volume along the crown or the front fringe area, apply a volumizing product such as PhytoVolume Actif or similar. You can also apply a firm holding or sculpting gel.

6. Blow dry hair straight using a blow dryer with a concentrator attachment. If hair is naturally curly or wavy, apply a straightening balm like Phytodefrisant or similar to damp strands. Use a boar's head style paddle brush and separate hair into individual sections.

Alicia Witt 2006

Note: For detailed tips on how to blow dry hair perfectly straight read Celebrity Hairdresser's Tips: Blow Drying Your Hair

7. When hair is completely dry, spray entire head with a firm holding spray. To get more pronounced fullness around the crown back comb slightly. Work from side to side focusing special attention on the root and crown areas.

8. After hair has the desired fullness spray the entire head with another spritz of firm hold hair spray like PhytoPro Strong Finishing Spray or similar.

9. Use a boar's bristle brush or your fingers to direct all of the hair, except for the front fringe, away from your face towards the back of the head. The hair on either side should be softly tucked behind each ear.

10. If hair is long enough in back to braid, start on either side of the head slightly behind the ears and create a French braid that extends from side to side and frames the back of the head.

If your hair is too short to easily French braid, carefully integrate an add-on braid into the hair behind the ears on either side of the head. Pin the braid snuggly to the back of your head and secure it so that it looks like your hair was braided in back.

11. When the braid is completely secured, whether using your own hair or not, spray with a light hairspray.

12. Finish by lightly backcombing the front fringe area so that it forms a sultry sweep across the forehead. Swipe a tiny bit of shine drops, spray or pomade across the top of the fringe and over the back of the crown.

If the braid is an add-on piece, you may wish to avoid applying spray or shine product to braids that are not 100% human hair.

Finish by adding any desired hair accessories such as skinny jeweled headbands or tiny jeweled bobbies or hair clips.


This back braided style worn by trendsetting Paris Hilton is the perfect dressy party hair style for short strands.

Whether your hair is long enough for the back braid or you require an add-on braid, you can quickly create a stunning party hair style for your short strands.

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