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Short Hair: Jennifer Landon - Emmy Winning Short Tresses


Jennifer Landon January 18, 2006

There wasn't a dry eye around CBS soap star Jennifer Landon when she recently did what her famous father was never able to accomplish which is winning an Emmy. The beautiful blonde won a Daytime Emmy for Best Young Soap actress for her work as Gwen on As The World Turns (ATWT).

She lifted the statue and in tribute said "to my poppa, thank you". Even though Michael Landon was wildly popular in Bonanza (Little Joe) and Little House of the Prairie as well as Highway to Heaven, he didn't even get a Emmy nomination in all his years of acting.

Gwen and her famous dad, who died of pancreatic cancer in 1991, when Gwen was seven years old, worked together on one episode of Highway to Heaven and Us, the TV pilot that was made into a movie after Michael Landon died. Jennifer just started on the soap a year and a half ago as a recurring player.

Jennifer Landon January 18, 2006

Jennifer, who is just beginning her acting career was very deserving of her award. Not only does she play an intriguing character on ATWT, she has fantastic short hair that she wears in a variety of edgy, sassy styles.

It's no surprise that Jennifer won the Emmy. The combination of her winning smile, great acting chops and sassy cropped cut put her over the top.

Jennifer alters the texture of her short tresses to keep them looking fresh and interesting.

The stunning blonde alternates between wearing her hair straight and combed down over her forehead (image to the side) to using styling products to spike her strands up over her hairline (image below).

Just the simple change of brushing her hair back off her forehead gives her a completely different image.

Jennifer Landon January 10, 2006

It also clearly demonstrates instantly how versatile Jennifer's blonde short layered hair style really is.

For the actual Emmy Awards, Jennifer pulled off yet a third alluring look for her short style. She appeared at the Daytime Emmy show in a romantic look with head full of big tousled curls and waves that cascaded down along her forehead from a high side part.

Jennifer's platinum tresses are composed of highlights, lowlights and chunks of very dark contrasts.

With any short style like Jennifer's it is important to start with a great hair cut that is custom designed for your face shape, skin and eye tone and lifestyle.

A precision haircut will also have the added advantage of growing out gracefully. Which gives you the option to try different variations of styles as your short do grows longer.

With the proper cut, you can copy Jennifer's hair style versatility.

Steal Jennifer's Short Sassy Bob Hairstyles

Jennifer Landon April 28, 2006

Complete the following steps to re-create Jennifer's short bob styles:

1. Use your favorite shampoo with warm, not hot water, and use a volumizing shampoo (like PhytoVolume or PhytoMousse Volume shampoo) that builds in lots of lush body.

If your hair is thick or full or has other needs (dry, chemically damaged) select the shampoo that works best for your hair's special requirements. If you prefer, use a diluted shampoo formulation or conditioner only.

Note: A conditioning only step may make hair sleeker. Consider this if lots of volume is your focus. 3. Skip a rinse-out conditioning step unless your hair is chemically damaged and requires a leave-in conditioner. Remember, while a rinse-out conditioner builds in softness and adds back moisture, it works again lots of hair fullness and volume. Skip this step to guarantee maximum volume. 4. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to instant shine and help swell the cuticle.

Jennifer Landon January 10, 2006

5. Towel blot hair to remove excess moisture but leave hair damp enough to apply appropriate volume enhancing styling products. If your hair tends to frizz, apply a good defrisant product like Phytodefrisant of similar. If your hair requires a good leave-in conditioner, apply a little to the ends or the areas that need the most moisture.

6. Apply a baseball sized dollop of volumizing mousse to the palms of your hands. Work into your strands completely from the roots to the ends. Add a volumizing product to the roots like Phytovolume Actif Spray if your strands tend to be limp or lank. 7. Bend over at the waist and blow-dry your hair upside down against the direction of your hair's natural growth. Focusing your attention on the roots is key because that it what helps to create lots of volume.

If you prefer not to bend over, separate hair into small one inch sections and use your hands to lift the hair up at the roots.

Direct the blow dryer up the hair shaft from the ends to the roots to ruffle the cuticle and make it swell. 8. When hair is completely dry, carefully smooth hair into place using a pick or tail of a comb to avoid flattening your new volume.

Apply a light spritz of soft hold hairspray. A light application of shine spray can be added but be careful to only use a little to avoid weighing hair down or causing it to attract debris.

If you hair is not as full as you would like you have additional options. These include: 1. Backcombing Your Strands. 2. Using Velcro Brand (a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.) or similar style Hook & Loop Rollers that self grip hair. 3. Hot Rollers or Irons.

Experiment with one or all of the additional volume building options for your hair.

Create Jennifer's Different Hairstyles

The key to January's hairstyles always starts with her array of side hair parts.

Experiment with deep side parts and sweeping the fringe across the forehead covering all or part of one eye.

Also try moving the part higher up the scalp more towards the middle of the head. Sweeping the hair over from a different parting will provide a completely different look.

January recalibrates her styles slightly be using a curling iron to create big soft curls around the perimeter of her bob. She also uses a straight iron to get a different texture.

Karen Marie's Jewels - Le Fleur Collection - Cattleya Orchid - Baby Pink (1)To really change up your look, do as January has done for some of her movie roles and pop on a gorgeous silk flower hair clip.

For the soft flip style, use a round brush while blow drying and slightly roll tresses around the brush while drying.


Jennifer Landon is blonde, beautiful and has a stunning short chin length bob. Even better, the talented actress who continues to move up way up the acting ladder, creatively coifs her bob into a number of stellar looks that range from sassy and fun to classy and sophisticated. Take a hint from Jennifer and try on some of her gorgeous styles.

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