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Short Hair Hustle & Flow: Taryn Manning


Taryn Manning 3rd Annual Vibe Awards 11-12-05

The tiny 5'2" multitalented short haired blonde actress who made a big splash in 2005's award winning Hustle & Flow was born in Tucson, Arizona on November 6, 1978 (Scorpio).

Besides her fame in Hustle & Flow, the hard working actress was a media star news when a Jet Blue Airline had to make a 3 hour surround flight and emergency landing in 2005 at Los Angeles on September 21st.

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She told the media "it was the most surreal, out-of-body experience I ever had".

Taryn, who has been working in film and on TV since she made a guest appearance on The Practice in 1999, is also admired for her edgy, versatile and stunning array of short hairstyles.

In fact, her signature short hair is the sole reason that she was cast as Nola in Hustle and Flow. The director, Craig Brewer, compiled a Look Book for all the characters and pasted a photo of Taryn with her short blonde hair as the ideal person to be Nola.

He had no idea that the girl he found was actually Taryn or that she was an actress. Once he realized that her short hair and face fit his ideal Nola, the rest is history.

The talented performer, who has been quoted in the media as saying she is more "animalistic rock chick" than anything else, dresses and styles her hair for the part. Until she snagged her part in Hustle & Flow, Taryn has basically had tiny supporting roles in major films including Crazy/Beautiful, White Oleander, Cold Mountain and Enimen's 8 Mile.

Taryn who looks most vibrant as a blonde, has hair with lots of texture. Quoted by the media as saying that she "likes her hair down and straight", she will change things up sometimes by allowing curls and waves to encroach on her normally stick straight styles, even when her length is very short.

Taryn Manning Flaunt Magazine's 6 Year Anniversary 12-10-04

Although she changes her basic style on a regular basis, one of Taryn's signature short styles is a sleek, straight bob that extends slightly below the chin with eye lash skimming long bangs like the one she wore at the 3rd Annual Vibe Awards (image shown above).

For the Vibe Awards her hair was bleached a stark white. Her hair was cut into graduated layers around her face adding a new edgy dimension to a simple short blunt bob shape. The short style created a striking frame for her face drawing attention to her smoky eyes and ruby lips. To add even more drama, Taryn appeared in a black gown.

Although Taryn has had periods where her hair was coiffed into a Twiggy inspired short pixie hairstyle, as a rule the edgy actress, who also dances, sings and performs in a band with her brother known as BoomKAT, wear her hair in a variety of short bobs that usually include long bangs.

In December of 2004 at Flaunt Magazine's 6 Year Anniversary, the actress had a creamy blonde hue and her favorite long front fringe, her short bob's shape had a much more shattered appearance around the edges. It appeared that her style was razor cut to break up the lengths and then styled with a tiny bit of pomade to add light definition.

One Part Rocker Rebel Mixed With Sleek & Sexy Tude

Taryn Manning Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Day 5 10-20-05

Taryn does not let short hair limit her styling options. Although she appears to prefer long bangs and a below-the-chin length bob, the savvy actress rocks out a variety of different short hair styles.

For the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in October of 2005 she went super sleek by slicking down her bob and going with a very deep side part that swept her long bangs over to one, creating a fresh faced look.

She tucked one side of her slicked back bob behind her ear and allow the ends to gently flick up.

Taryn has acknowledged that she often "ends up on the worst-dressed or worst-tressed lists, but she doesn't really care. She goes with her own flow and wears the clothing, accessories and hairstyles that she enjoys.

Should we be surprised? Probably not, she is one of those perpetual short haired beauties that Breaks Short Hair Rules.


Taryn is a multi-talented actress, singer, dancer and even clothing designer. She is famous for her streetwise hair and fashion.

Even more importantly, her short hair helped her snag a major role in her career. While she mixes things up a bit by playing with the texture, for the most part, Taryn rocks out a variety of short and sassy bobs.

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