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Scientific research, according to Dr. Howard Rosenthal, Ed.D, famous author of the Encyclopedia Of Counseling best selling book and long time , “has conclusively discovered that sex is the best medicine. Indeed, a satisfying love life will relieve stress, improve relationships, prolong our lives and provide numerous other feel-good bennies from a stronger immune system to beautiful skin and hair”.

Physiologists, sex therapists and psychologists believe that physical ecstasy is the result of the activation of neurons somewhere at the top of the brainstem that conducts orgasm in both males and females. In simple terms, arousal and ultimate sexual release direct the body’s nervous system to send out impulses and muscular contractions that radiate from the sexual organs sending tingly energy from the tips of your toes to the roots of your hair. The buzz you feel in your scalp is from the tiny arrector pili muscles located under each and every hair follicle on your hair that contracts in response to change in temperature or altered emotional states like fear or intense pleasure.

While you are enjoying uncontrolled spasms of rapture, your scalp and strands are gifted with a fabulous boost of energizing circulation. It is a well-known follicle fact that any form of physical activity will increase blood flow to the scalp, helping hair friendly nutrients migrate down the follicles. The result is stronger, longer, more luscious hair.

Hair growth is definitely stimulated by sexual activity or even the expectation of it for many people. Case studies of sailors at sea recorded the fact that their hair growth accelerated right before shore leave but slowed down upon return to the ship.

Sex and hair have an intimate cellular relationship that is controlled by the body’s hormones. As Dr. Rosenthal pointed out, “hormones not only control our sex drives and resulting experiences, they also have a direct link to the ultimate condition of our hair.” Satisfying sexual performance and healthy lush hair depend on the body’s ongoing ability to receive and metabolize nutrients efficiently and in the correct amounts.

Dr. Rosenthal cautioned that ‘lackluster sex and strands frequently are the result of nutritional shortcomings or dietary indiscretions”. Ironically the top-notch vitamin and herbal formulations sold as popular hair vitamins like HairTopia and Viviscal contain vitamins, minerals and herbs that will boost sexual health along with vibrant strands.

Nutritionists and related specialists have discovered that the B-vitamin family is critical for maintaining optimal functioning of the sex organs and libido. Dermatologists have long known that B deficiencies will contribute to hair loss and overall poor hair health. Vitamin A, C and E also promote healthy sex glands along with shiny strands.

Vitamin E has a special effect on the pituitary gland which regulates desire and also helps prevent hardening of the arteries which is known in some cases to lessen sexual performance. Selenium is an important mineral to include in the diet along with phosphorous, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Finally several of the amino acids provide significant benefit to human sexuality.

To make sure you have a wonderful love life as well as a fabulous head of lush healthy hair be sure to eat well and take a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement on a daily basis. So go ahead and have sex, your hair will love you for it.

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