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Sasha Pieterse Hair How To


Sasha Pieterse Allison on Pretty Little Liars

Sasha Embeth Pieterse (February 17, 1996) plays the sassy, sexy pretty blonde Alison DiLaruentis on ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars.

If you love Sasha this article tells you how to copy her long lush hair.

Her beautiful tresses cascade below her shoulders from an off-center part which extends all the way back to her crown.

Sasha has well defined highlights and lowlights which give her blonde hair an exotic look.

She alternates between wearing her hair with just a hint of curves or with a full head of curls.

The young beauty is a South African-born American. In 2005 she appeared in her first film, The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

Sasha's character is the original member of the beautiful girl posse who was killed in a mysterious manner. Her unsolved murder is at the center of the ongoing plot of the popular TV show.

Although she pops up in flashbacks or ghostly visits, Sasha isn't on the show nearly enough.

Sasha Pieterse's Long Lush Hair How To

Sasha's base hair color is a gorgeous medium honey blonde completely interwoven with spectacular low lights in a light milk chocolate and highlights which are a light golden blonde.

Does Sasha have highlights and lowlights or is her gorgeous hair color palette the result of perfectly selected hair extensions?

Sasha With Ashley Benson

Regardless of how she got the great hair color, this young blonde beauty offsets her stunning blonde hues with flawless make-up. She plays up her beautiful eyes, lips and skin.

Although she has been photographed with her below-the-shoulder length tresses styled bone straight, she tends to alternate with lots of very loose waves.'

When Sasha wears her hair wavy they fall strategically below her shine before cascading down into the hint of a loose curl at the ends.

Her hair appears to be medium in thickness and either straight or just slightly wavy in textures.

Sasha's hair is precision cut with very slight layers which enhance the loose curls and waves patterns throughout her head. This accounts for the beautiful profile her hair falls into.

When she is dressing up for a stroll down the Red Carpet she tends to wear her hair with more volume, movement and full of bouncy curls cascading from a messy off-center part. This gives her hair the look of lush texture.

Sasha has the combination of an oval and square shaped face which looks great with her long lush slightly waved hairstyles. The length of her hair balances out her well defined chin.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Copy

Sasha Pieterse

Sasha Pieterse's Hairstyle

Although Sasha doesn't wear a traditional fringe, she has side swept panels of hair extending over the sides of her forehead from the center part.

It softens her oval-square shaped face and gives her a very sultry look. It also plays up those stunning eyes.

Follow the steps below to copy Sasha's beautiful long and lush hairstyle:

Pre-Wash Hair

Start by detangling hair with fingers or a wide tooth comb to remove knots, snarls and tangle.

If hair is fragile it might be advisable to pre-oil the hair with a light jojoba oil or apply it just to dry or crunchy ends.

Cleanse Hair

Wash hair in lukewarm water with the shampoo product designed for your hair type, texture and condition. If you wish, utilize your unique washing program ranging from full shampoo to Diluted Shampoo (DS), low poo, Conditioner Only Wash (CO Wash), no poo or water only.

Note: If you have chemically colored hair like Sasha's it would be best to use either a highly diluted moisturizing shampoo, do a conditioning only wash (CO Wash) or use a product line specifically designed to preserve this type of hair.

Phyto Anti Frizz Products

Rinse out shampoo or diluted formula (if used) and then apply a rinse out conditioner from the tops of the ears down to the ends and detangle with a wide tooth comb or fingers.

Rinse well and then finish with a cool or cold water rinse. Towel blot (don't rub) to remove excess moisture.

If the hair is washed with a Conditioner Only Wash (CO Wash) then detangle at the end of the cleansing cycle.


Apply your designed styling cocktail to your hair working it through with fingers or a wide tooth comb.

Your idea cocktail to re-create Sasha's hair might consist of, but not be limited to, leave-in conditioner, defrisant, styling mousse and a volumizing spray for roots to get that lush look Ashley showcases.

Since chemically colored hair is dry and fragile, be sure to use moisturizing products.

Dry Hair

Separate hair into 8-10 individual sections. Use a long finger diffuser working through individual sections at a time and allowing the strands to rest in the basin of the diffuser. After each section is dry, roll into a spiral or ringlet curl with your fingers and pin against your scalp to set.

PhytoLisse Shine Serum

To get lots of volume throughout the crown area you may prefer to separate hair into 1-2" sections and blow dry with a 100% boar bristle round brush.

Once each section is dry then roll around fingers into a big barrel curl pinned against the scalp.

Style Hair

Unpin all sections of dry hair. Touch up any uneven sections with a curling iron. Bend over at the waist and gently shake out curls. Arrange with fingers.

Apply 1-2 drops of shine serum into the palms of your hands. Avoid pulling any curl clumps apart with fingers or else frizz will form. Do not brush.


Although Sasha doesn't appear very often on Pretty Little Liars, when she does she literally lights up the screen.

Her blonde hair is always picture perfect and her smile could melt any glacier.

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