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Salonclick Introduces MiN: Men's Color Match


According to a 1998 article in USA Today, studies by image consultants have shown that gray haired men can make on an average of $10,000 per year less than their non-gray haired counterparts. Gray hair for men is becoming a thing of the past on many levels.

In response to men's needs to solve the problem of eliminating their gray hair, Salonclick recently introduced MiN: Men's Color Match, which is the first professional only hair color exclusively for men.

So innovative that it has a patent pending, the MiN Men’s Color Match product line surpasses current hair color technology because it processes in less than five minutes and is perfectly designed for what men need in hair color. MiN’s unique formulation allows the professional stylist to easily match a man’s original hair color by eliminating unwanted gray hair. MiN is exclusively available in men's fine salons.

Men don’t have to sit under the dryer, or wait around in the color room for their hair to process. For salon owners and stylists, MiN’s 5 minute enhanced product performance results in dramatically improved customer satisfaction and client retention.

Last year men spent more than $130 million in their hair color, making men’s hair coloring one of the fastest growing categories in the health and beauty business. MiN’s dyes are not that of red or orange, usually found in female tones. Instead MiN casts a palette of all cool tones in keeping with a man’s natural color.

About The Founder

Chad Murawczyk is the founder and creator of MiN. Chad is an entrepreneur who has worked in the salon products industry for nearly a decade. He was part of the original team that launched American Crew, a leading hair care brand. And he has held marketing and sales positions with a variety of other salon product companies.

Realizing the lack of men's grooming products in the market today, Murawczyk spent several years in marketing and research development to create a complete hair color system especially for men's needs: MiN Men's Color Match.

MiN Men's Color Match is an integrated system of hair color designed for men. The products are easy to understand with specific ingredients that are geared to men’s hair. Hair color formulated for women is warm in tonality. It has fashionable yellow and red tones - tones that just don't work with male skin and hair tones. Also, many drug store products use metallic dyes, which continually build up on the hair shaft, leaving an oxidized coating. The problem with these products is that they often provide unpredictable, off-tone results.

MiN - named because it covers gray hair in minutes - is the only men's hair color product of its kind. Its results are superior to over-the-counter drug store hair coloring products and instead of repackaging women's hair coloring products, MiN is truly made for today's man, incorporating cool tones to exactly match a man’s natural hair color.

Q&A About MiN

What does MiN mean?

MiN is short for minutes.

How long does it take to process?

MiN processes in 3-5 minutes, depending on the level of coverage you are seeking. The stylist controls the amount of deposit for up to 100% gray coverage.

How long will MiN last?

MiN is designed to impart durable results using Micrograft technology. Typically, the MiN service will last up until 6 weeks or until the next haircut.

What is in iMiX?

iMiX contains 6% peroxide and is designed to be used exclusively in conjunction with MiN.

iMiX alone does not create faster processing time. It is the mixture of MiN and iMiX that delivers this speed.

How many shades are in the MiN System?

Currently there are ten shades provided for predictable intermixing. Additional shades are under development.

Why does MiN work so fast?

We have a patent-pending on the MiN formulation and are limited in what we can disclose. There is literally more color in our color. In combination, with new hair color technology, the MiN/iMiX solution delivers natural looking results and up to 100% gray coverage in minutes.

Will it stain the skin?

All hair color stains. Please conduct a neat application and do not allow the product to process on the skin.

More Information?

MiN is nationally distributed state by state with exclusive distributors. To find a location nearest you please call 1-866-22- SALON or visit them on the web a:

For more information please call MiN’s public relations firm:

Id Kadman Pierce Mattie Public Relations Inc. The Voice of the Beauty, Health and Fitness Industries 109 West 27th Street, Suite 9-B New York, NY 10001 Tel: 212-243-1431 Fax: 212-243-7795 [email protected]

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