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Rusk Radical Anti-Curl - How Does It Work On Curly Hair?


Sarah Jessica Parker

No two heads of natural curls are the same. All curly hair is different in its chemical makeup which is why some products designed for treating curls work for some and not for others.

Naturally curly folks who want to keep their basic curl configuration but with looser curls may benefit from the application of Rusk Radical Anti-Curl.

Historically the product works best for those with medium curls which are often categorized as 3b.

It's important to note that the treatment will only last for 2 to 3 months, but usually there is no root re-growth line.

The life of the treatment is variable depending on a number of factors ranging from how fast your hair naturally grows, how often you cleanse your hair, how damaged your tresses were before the treatment was applied and if the proper steps were followed.

A Chemical Relaxing Process

Sarah Jessica Parker

Relaxing natural curly hair is a chemical process which requires a complete analysis of the clients hair condition. After determining the condition, porosity, and elasticity of the target hair a professional will be able to determine the type of chemical needed to relax the hair.

There are chemical relaxers for all hair types which makes it more important than ever for your professional hairdresser to completely understand the chemistry of the relaxers to be used on your hair before they perform the service.

Oftentimes after the hair is relaxed it feels hard. Not as silky soft as natural virgin hair.

Acid Versus Alkaline

Fine hair is normally very fragile and can be relaxed with a very acidic chemical solution. Thicker hair requires a more alkaline type chemical for straightening. It's important to remember that color treated hair is prone to breakage if relaxed or permed.

All chemically processed hair needs proper home-care. The hair should be maintained with a Ph- balanced shampoo. It's also important to apply rinse out, leave in and deep conditioners. It's best to avoid the breaking point of hair which is a ph of 13! Conditioning treatments are a must with any chemical service.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Always make sure that your professional hairstylist who applies a relaxer to your hair rinses it thoroughly and it was neutralized accordingly.

Excessively Curly Hair Results

Some people with excessively curly report that it made their curly hair less frizzy with some of the curls much looser. Some claim it made their curls easier to blow dry straight while others saw no change.

In some cases people with curly hair will experience their tresses becoming almost straight. In other cases the curl is loosed by about 50% with it much easier to blow dry straight.

Questions And Answers

1. What type of chemical product is the Rusk?

It is what is known as a thio style relaxer.

2. What type of neutralizer is utitilzed?

The neutralizer is hydrogen peroxide based which means in some cases hair may be lightened and may develop a slight reddish or golden tinge afterward.

3. How often can this product be used?

Sarah Jessica Parker

Most experts believe the product shouldn't be applied more often than ever 6 months.

4. Is this product only for African American or similar hair?

The product can be used on anyone, male or female, of any race who wishes to soften or relax naturally wavy, curly or kinky hair.


Not all curls are created equal. When considering a relaxer like Rusk Radical Anti-Curl keep in mind that a product that works for one may not work for all.

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