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Ringlet Definition


Long Curly Ringlet Infused Tresses

Depending upon which hair or beauty expert you talk to, a ringlet is a long spiral shaped curly strand or lock of hair. It can also form a small circle or ring.

Spiral curls can occur anywhere on the head from around the hairline to underneath the hair at the nape of the neck.

Many people with naturally curly hair will have much shorter ringlets curls hiding underneath the bulk of their curls along the neckline.

Ringlets or spiral curls can take on a wide range of shapes and sizes. Like all naturally textured hair, no two ringlets are the same.

Ringlet Hairstyle

Ringlets are also defined as a type of hairstyle achieved by molding, winding or wrapping a strand or section of hair vertically around a wide range of rolling devices which may or may not require added heat.

Some of the earliest ringlets were created by wrapping individual strands of hair around pre-heated rods. The heat source? Candles. Eventually candles were replaced with rods heated in the fireplace or other safe heat sources.

Skyler Samuals Long Loose Open Sausage Style Ringlets

Ringlet Curling Tools

Some of the most common tools used to create ringlets in current times include the following:

1. Spiral rollers (professional or homemade) 2. Fingers 3. Old fashioned rag rollers created from torn up rags 4. Commercial rag rollers or soft curlers 5. Clean popsicle sticks 6. Straws 7. Pipe cleaners 8. Rope pieces 9. Alternative rollers (forks, juice cans, kitchen knives) 10. Hot rollers (electric and steam) 11. Curling irons (or flat irons used as curling irons) 12. Ringlet irons (specifically designed for ringlets) 13. Curl Formers 14. Hair clips used to form ringlets

Pink Spoolies And DippityDoo

In years gone by there were little pink spoolies which were rolled around individual strands and snapped together to form a type of ringlet curl. The spoolies were often left in the hair overnight.

DippityDoo was a popular styling gel applied to hair in order to help mold and shape ringlet curls.

Long Loose Open Style Ringlets

The smaller the size of the strand wrapped around the ringlet roller form, the tighter the finished ringlet. Other factors include the amount of hair wrapped around the rollers and the size of the roller.

When hair is wrapped around tiny straws very tight ringlets will be formed.

Many consider ringlets to be a very romantic type of curly hairstyle, whether naturally occurring or created with rollers or hot curling devices.

Naturally Occurring Ringlets On Naturally Curly Hair

Some naturally textured hair actually forms into ringlets naturally with minimal molding or shaping.

Naturally curly haired people who have natural ringlets often indicate that the more humidity in the air, the more likely their natural curls will form into ringlet patterns.

Natural ringlets are considered a blessing and a curse. When ringlets are combed or brushed out of their natural spirals, they become knotted or very frizzy and can increase in size by as much as ten times. Cutting natural ringlets requires that each curl section be carefully lifted, studied and cut under the curl to help it nestle naturally into neighboring ringlets.

Different Types Of Ringlets

Long Loose Wavy Style Ringlets

Ringlets are sometimes referred to as:

- sausage - tube - Botticelli curls.

Depending upon their shape they might even be called pipes. Some refer to ringlets, especially when they are thicker, as banana curls.

Just as all curls are unique in the patterns they form, ringlets are also very unique ranging from very tightly coiled to loose and thick.

When the proper styling products and tools are utilized any texture of hair from straight to naturally curly, coily or wavy can be transformed into uniform ringlets.

Famous Ringlet Wearers

Generally speaking, ringlets have been around for centuries and were worn in ancient Rome by aristocratic women, but are still popular as of 2011.

Ringlet hairstyles were also popular throughout history and were often worn in the Victorian era.

Celebrities With Ringlets

Medium Length Z Shaped Ringlets

Child actress Shirley Temple was famous for her mass of ringlet tresses which were meticulously styled every day by her mother.

The following celebrities are also famous for their ringlet infused hairstyles, whether naturally occurring or created with chemicals or hot styling tools:

- Piper Perabo on USA's Covert Affairs (especially flashback scenes) - Sarah Jessica Parker in some of the Sex And The City episodes - Meg Ryan in the movie The Women - Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

There are many more celebrities, too many to list, who have been spotted with both real and artificially created ringlets (perms, hot irons, rollers, etc.,).

Ringlets will not be going out of style in the world of hair any time soon, if ever.

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