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Review Of Suave Professionals AromaPure Shampoo & Suave Professionals Rosemary Mint Conditioner


When I saw these products I was excited to try them because I had heard so many good things about Aveda. I'm on a tight budget because I'm a college student, but Suave is well within my price range (while Aveda is not).

Testing Procedures

The AromaPure Shampoo has a very medicinal smell to me, which I didn’t care for too much.

I started by wetting my hair in the shower with fairly warm water. I used the shampoo, applying it first to the long part of my hair, and then to my scalp. It lathered very well. I rinsed and shampooed again, this time rinsing with cool water. My hair felt coarse, but clean. I was disappointed that I did not get a more silky or smooth feeling after shampooing.

I turned the water up as hot as it would go to open up the cuticle of my hair to help the conditioner absorb.

After letting the hot water flow through my hair for a minute, I squeezed all excess moisture out of it and applied the Rosemary Mint Conditioner. The conditioner has a very, very strong mint smell, though it’s not bad. I rubbed the conditioner through my hair, concentrating on the ends.

Maximum Conditioning

The bottle says "For maximum conditioning, leave on up to 5 minutes." I put a shower-cap over my conditioner-saturated hair and left it for at least five minutes. (I find that putting my hair under a cap when I'm conditioning it helps it not to loose any of the conditioner through dripping, which was a concern because this conditioner was not very thick.)

I rinsed with cool water. At this point my hair felt nice and smooth. There were no tangles when I combed out my hair, and it still felt soft. I rubbed a little bit of the conditioner through my hair and let my hair air-dry.

When my hair was dry it felt very thick and fluffy, but somewhat tangled. I couldn't run my fingers through it until I combed it out again. After it was combed out, though, it felt very soft as well as thick and fluffy.

Results & Observations

My only disappointment in the conditioner as a leave-in was its lack of ability to help form curls. (My hair is the type that I can either scrunch it when its damp to get curls, or comb it out to get waves.)

While it didn’t work well for curl formation, it did work well when I wanted to just have waves in my hair. I also noticed that my hair looked shiny, and continued to feel soft when combed throughout the day.

I also didn’t have any problems with static electricity in my hair. After using these products for several days I could see no difference in the results from the first day of use.


On a scale of 1-10 for grocery store brands of shampoos and conditioners I'd give these products a seven. In most cases you get what you pay for, but in this case you get a little more.

The end results were very good. My biggest gripe would be that I didn’t care too much for the scent of either the shampoo or the conditioner, but they faded as soon as my hair was completely dry.

I think that I will be using these products occasionally, especially when I want my hair to be fluffy and thick feeling. And, at their price, how can you complain? These were much, much better than any other products I have tried for under $2.

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