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Review Of Rene Furterer's Fioravanti Gel defrisant


René Furterer Gel defrisant

René Furterer All Rights Reserved.

Frizzy, fuzzy, out-of-control hair can be a challenge for a majority of men, women and children.

Beauty editors have searched for the very best anti-frizz formulations and Fioravanti Gel defrisant from René Furterer has been one of the darlings of beauty editors.

Over the years I have tried literally hundreds of different hair care products designed to address just about every strand condition.

During my years of testing I have discovered René Furterer offers many many fabulous hair care solutions that promise brilliant results and wonderful TLC.

What makes the René Furterer products so exceptional? They were designed to work in well-thought out collections created to target specific tress related challenges.

Fioravanti Gel defrisant is the cornerstone of the René Furterer frizz controlling solution. Designed to work with René Furterer Fioravanti Anti Frizz Silkening Shampoo and René Furterer Fioravanti Anti Frizz Silkening Conditioner.

Hair Type

Fioravanti Gel defrisant is designed to assist unmanageable, unruly, fuzzy or frizzy hair. Whether you have hair that is naturally curly, wavy, damaged or excessively dry, if your tresses frizz, you are a great candidate for Fioravanti Gel defrisant.


René Furterer has combined the renowned Fioravanti complex - a smoothing compound made with 15 plants and acerola cherry, a vitamin C concentrate, to add shine, bounce, and softness to hair.

Active Ingredients Include: Fioravanti Alcohol Extracts, Acerola Fruit Acid, Anatide-Based Moisturizing Complex, Cationic Antistatic Agents.

Ingredients Include: Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cyclomethicone, Behentrimonium Chloride, Ceteareth-33, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Fragrance, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Isopropyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Methylparaben, Panthenol, Propylene Glycol.

Packaging & Aroma

This frizz busting winner comes packaged in the traditional emerald green René Furterer squeeze tube with elegant white lettering. The aroma is fragrant and fresh but extremely light. The aroma does not linger on your hair after you apply the product.

How To Use The Product

Fioravanti Gel defrisant has multiple uses. It can be used:

1. Alone as a styling aide to assist in achieving a frizz free, stick straight blow out. 2. Layered or "cocktailed" with a leave-in conditioning product or other styling products to assist in the definition of frizz free curls and waves. 3. As a frizz busting styling product applied to damp hair that is allowed to air-dry with or without rollers. 4. As a touch up product applied lightly to dry hair that has become frizzy.

René Furterer recommends you start with the René Furterer Fiorvanti Anti-Frizz Silkening Shampoo and follow with the René Furterer Fioravanti Anti Frizz Silkening Conditioner. Rene Furterer recommends leaving the conditioner in the hair for at least 3 minutes. This is a very lightweight conditioner that helps to add shine and make detangling easier.

For optimal results, rinse hair in cool to cold water as the last rinse. This helps to minimize frizz. Towel blot to remove excess moisture before applying the Fioravanti Gel defrisant.

Apply a dab of the Gel defrisant into the palms of your hands and massage well. Apply to the hair concentrating the mixture on the areas that tends to be most unmanageable or attract frizz. Be sure that lengths and ends are well saturated.

Styling Options

Either blow dry straight with a round or paddle brush or let tresses air-dry naturally. If you prefer, add extra dabs of Fioravanti gel and scrunch to create loose waves.

Note: If you hair is naturally curly avoid touching damp hair with fingers as much as possible. Consider partnering Fioravanti gel with a long finger diffuser for well defined curls.

Karen's Notes

Depending on my mood, the day of the week or a variety of other factors I like to change up how I care for my very long, naturally wavy, medium thick coarse hair that is highlighted and has curls at the nape of my neck. In curly hair circles I would be considered a "Type 2" with some perimeter 3 curls.

This gel works whether I blow dry my hair straight, use my long finger diffuser to accent the waves and pop out some of the marginal curls or let my hair air dry. I have scrunched with it and "wet bunned" with it. I have even plopped with it.

Wet bunning means simply to towel blot excess moisture, detangle and then apply the desired styling/conditioning products before wrapping the damp strands into a big fat bun at the back of the head. This is a way to air dry and encourage texture.

Plopping means to towel blot, detangle lightly, apply desired products into the hair and the "plop" all of the hair into a towel to help form curls.

Scrunching means to use fingers (which may cause frizz for people with lots of curls) and a blow dryer and use fingers to "scrunch" in waves and texture.

I have used this amazing Fioravanti gel "neat" or cocktailed with Fioravanti Detangling cream which I adore.

When I cocktail, I mix a few dabs of the Fioravanti gel with the Detangling cream in the palms of my hands and then I "fingerpick" the mixture through my tresses from the ears down. I love how this product helps my normal post-shampoo tangles appear to drop right out.

Although I rarely ever use hot tools (hot curlers, curling irons, straight irons) on my hair to avoid any unnecessary damage, I have used a straightening iron on my hair that was blow dried with the Fioravanti Gel defrisant. The hot iron worked beautifully and their was no stickiness whatsoever.

Rene Furterer Secrets

Not too many people know this, but I literally stalked the René Furterer company until they would allow to sell their amazing products. It took me almost three years, tons of phone calls and shameless begging to finally get approval to sell this amazing line.

Yes, we sell some of the finest hair product lines in the world at And yes, I have personally tried just about everything we sell, but I do have my favorites. The reason that I stalked René Furterer is because I first discovered the line in 1997 and became a huge fan.

Am I recommending this product because I love it and use it? Heck yes. But also because anyone who has been visiting me at over the past ten years knows that I never recommend something I don't personally use or feel is a great product.

There are many other defrisant products out on the market. Some excellent ones that I have also used and love. If you have a hankering for a fabulous defrisant gel, the Fioravanti Gel defrisant simply amazing. Don't believe me, just ask any Beauty Editor worth her weight in beauty secrets and you will discover why this product is always on the editor's lists for best products.


This anti-frizz legend is a must-have for anyone with frizzy hair or hair that won't behave. It also works wonders as a straightening product used in conjunction with a boar's head brush and a blow dryer.

One of the great advantages to this lightweight defrisant gel is that it leaves no oily residue and is never sticky like some competitive products. It works well on all types of hair from thin to thick. It will not weigh down thin strands but has the oomph to handle thick tresses.

Of course it is extremely important to note that not all hair care products work as well for all people. However, in the majority of cases, this product will leave your hair soft, manageable, tangle and frizz free.

The entire René Furterer product line is available at in the Marketplace.

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