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Quick Hair Fixes: Five ways to cover up an unfortunate haircut


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At some point in life, everyone has fallen victim to a bad haircut.

It may have been the result of an inexperienced stylist or simply that the cut was not suitable for the shape of one's face. Regardless, there is a situation in need of fixing, and most likely little time to fix it.

We spoke with Matthew Fugate of the Sam Brocato Salon in SoHo, New York, who recommended a few quick fixes.

Partly Right. “Play with your part,” advises Fugate. Switching or centering parts can change the look of a face instantly, adding freshness to one's style. If unsatisfied with long bangs, try a center part for more of a high fashion look.

Hit the Waves. Create an undone, beachy look. Wrap large sections of hair around a straightening iron, then finger through to create loose, disheveled waves.

This works especially well for long hair and is ideal for summer.

Pony Up. Ponytails and messy buns are an easy way to disguise a hair snafu. Add body to the roots by flipping hair over and blow drying from the root up.

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Also try slightly teasing the hair closest to the root. Then knot hair into a bun at the nape of the neck, or just off to the side for something a little off balance.

Try a low ponytail for a clean, chic look. And when pulling the hair back just doesn’t work, try hair extensions. Not ready to invest in the permanent kind? Try clip-ons.

Accessorize. Headbands, hats, clips, and even flowers can be flattering distractions that can draw attention away from unsightly hair.

Fugate also suggests that highlights or lowlights may help divert attention from an unwanted cut. These tactics are usually easier for short hair and bangs, since there is less hair to work with.

Pick up a Pinup. Covering up a bang or fringe mishap may be the most difficult of all quick fixes, since they are the focal point of the face.

Pin bangs to the side, or pin them straight back with a little body for an edgier look.

Whatever you do, Fugate warns, do not cut them shorter. He recommends letting the bangs grow, and adding more layers around the face so they blend easier.


If you are the victim of a bad haircut never fear. There are ways to recover gracefully.

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