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Pro Vitamin FX Special Effects Hair Glossing & Styling Stick


In my ever-on-going search to find good styling products, I literally stumbled on the Pro Vitamin FX Special Effects Hair Glossing and Styling Stick. I mean it--I was in the hair care aisle in my favorite supermarket, and this had fallen on the floor in front of me. I looked down to see what I had tripped on, and behold and lo--it was another hair styling stick!


gallery810t.jpg (2982 bytes)This hair styling stick has a "weightless silicone" for control and a shiny finish. You can use it to:

  • smooth your hair and keep it in place
  • slick down wet hair and style
  • lift the hair by applying it directly to roots
  • give added volume to hair by applying it to roots, then blow-dry hair upside-down
  • control split ends and frizzies

This is great for on-the-spot control (I'm thinking it would be terrific to bring in a beach bag when you swim--apply some before your hair dries), plus it gives the hair a nice glossy look.

Put a little of it on your fingertips, and, using the other hand, rub your hands together briskly to distribute the product and warm it up. Apply as much or as little as you like.


The Pro Vitamin FX Special Effects Hair Glossing and Styling Stick is made by Vogue International, and can be found in most supermarkets. The cost is about $5.95, a considerable savings over some salon brands. The product itself is lavender, and comes in an opaque container. It looks like a deodorant stick, and works as easily. Just turn the dial at the bottom of the container to get more product.


The scent is fresh and light, with a hint of sage. I liked the fact that it does not overpower the senses.

How I Tested It

I am sold on hair sticks for their convenience and effectiveness on my hair. With my bed head hairdo, I need something that will keep my hair spiked up gallery799t.jpg (2904 bytes)during the day. I found that you don't need to use a lot of it to get the right effect, and the Pro Vitamin FX Special Effects Hair Glossing and Styling Stick is less waxy-feeling than some other similar products.

To be honest, I found this hair stick every bit as effective as some of the salon brands, and at a fraction of the cost.

I tested the stick on towel-dried hair along with my usual gel and hair spray, and then applied the hair stick. I like to get enough product on my hands to coat both palms, then I start at my bangs and spike them. After that, I spike up the crown, then start at the nape of my neck and push all the hair back up towards the crown. Then I slick down the hair at my temples, and back behind my ears. I check out the whole look from the back and sides, and if there are any "holes," I put more hair stick on my fingers and arrange the hair to cover the cowlicks. (You'll get a pretty accurate picture of what this looks like if you imagine Elisa Lancaster's "Bride of Frankenstein" hairdo, minus the height and the white lightning streaks.)

I also tried the hair stick all by itself.

After towel-drying my hair, I used enough product to coat both palms, and ran my hands through my hair. I followed the same styling as before, and added a bit more where it was needed.

This product is every bit as effective on its own, and I found that my hair came out a bit softer when I used only the stick.


Deionized water, PEG-8 caprylic-capric triglycerides, glycerin, sodium stearate, sucrose, AMP-acrylates copymer, SDA alcohol, dimethicone copolyol, sage extract, matricaria extract, cornflower extract, mallow extract, wild pansy extract, potassium dimethicone coplyol panthenyl phosphate, methylparaben, propylparaben, diazolidainyl urea, fragrance, FD&C blue #1, D&C red #33.


The Pro Vitamin FX Special Effects Hair Glossing and Styling Stick is a great product. I like its ability to control my hair, and I especially like all the shine I get with it. Its portability is a big plus, too—you can pop it in your purse, a gym bag, beach bag, whatever. If you were stuck with no other hair products in sight, the stick alone would give you a great look.

For a short-hair like me, these new styling sticks are terrific. They add immediate height and style, and give your hair style a boost without a lot of fuss.

Jane's Rating

On my own scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I give The Pro Vitamin FX Special Effects Hair Glossing and Styling Stick a 9.

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