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Ponytail Hairstyle Secrets


Audrina Patridge Side Pony MTV - The Hills

The ponytail never really went away as a hot hairstyle, in my opinion, it just got bumped from the forefront of hair style buzz. With the sizzling popularity of MTV's The Hills and Gossip Girls, ponytails are the latest hot hair to have.

Even better, whether you have short, medium or long hair, you can pop on a ponytail with a clip-on tail, cap or even do some fusion extensions for an "instant" pony do.

Ponytails can be dressed up, as demonstrated by Audrina Patridge of The Hills who likes to look sleek and finished for Red Carpet events with her shimmering strands pulled into a side pony.

Blake Lively of Gossip Girls also rocks out the side ponytail look for both casual and Red Carpet appearances.

Whether you love ponytails that are high on the crown, in the middle of the head or low to the nape of the neck, there are some basic ponytail hairstyle secrets that can make your hair pony up with ease.

Basic Ponytail Hairstyle Secrets

When trying to decide whether to go with a high, medium or low slung pony consider the following tips:

Blake Lively Gossip Girls Side Pony

1. High ponytails give an instant and refreshing lift. Saggy anything is transformed to tight and taut. Medium slung ponies offer a great profile for a sassy look. Low slung is more seductive and can easily be pulled up and over to drape in front of one side.

2. Ponytails flatter every face shape from oval and round to square, diamond and heart.

The way to get extra sass out of a pony is to add the appropriate part or hair fringe to perfectly complement a challenging face shape.

3. Ponytails can be gathered so hair covers the ears, if you have large one you which to diminish, or can be pulled up and over the ears.

4. Bungee bands or cords are the best for making the cleanest and tightest ponies.

The secret to keeping the bungee well anchored is to make sure the hooks actually are secured to the inside of the hair. Otherwise there might be some slippage over time.

5. The advantage to Blax bands is that they make softer, looser ponies and can be easily cut out with a scissors saving hair from any pulling, tugging or broken strand trauma.

6. When you want to wear a pony to dressy events, always blow-dry hair first so its sleek and silky. Always point the nozzle of the blow dryer down the hair shaft to avoid frizz.

Bungee Bands

7. Finish a ponytail with a defrisant or smoothing cream. Add a touch of spray and shine product and you will shimmer as your pony swishes back and forth.

Note: Lucky Magazine had this to say about PhytoDefrisant "If there's even the tiniest bit of frizz in your hair, this is the cure". All Phyto products are available at in our Marketplace.

8. When adding hair accessories to ponies, always add after all hair products have been applied. For more sophisticated looks, go with a haute designer like Colette Malouf, Balu, Tai, Pono or Alex & Ani.

Evita Peroni takes a European Twist on their pony hair accessories.

For everyday pony looks consider traditional hand made elastic pony twists from Scunchie, Smoothies or ImagineMe®.

Karin's Garden Vanda Orchid - Pink Flower Pony Elastic

Flowers always work when pinned nestled into the base of the pony. If you prefer, you can use a pony elastic attached to a flower.

9. A great look is to wrap one strand of hair around the base of the pony for a seamless look. 'When using bobbies to hold wild strands down, use pins in the same color as your tresses.

10. If you get bored with your pony, its easy to change it up by wrapping it into a chignon, messy twist, braiding it or adding bubble sections with the help of a great set of pony elastics or other pony tail holders.


Ponytails are serious business in some salons. At the world famous Bumble & Bumble (B&B) salon in New York City hair dressing apprentices are required to spend three solid weeks on learning to create the absolute perfect ponytails.

Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves, hairdresser to Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, Eva Longeria and Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of ponytails. The famous hairdresser favors Bungee Bands. In Seventeen Magazine he said "I like to use bands with hooks on the ends (like Bungee Bands) to secure the tail - they hook into your hair & keep them from sliding out like normal elastics."

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