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Pleasure Of The Senses Facials PLAISIR DES SENS YON-KA's Facial


YON-KA, world pioneer of esthetic aromatherapy and phytotherapy, presents the latest creation in Haute Couture Luxury Facials: PLAISIR DES SENS.

Plaisir Des Sens translates to “pleasure of the senses” literally and “pleasure of essential oils” phonetically. Beautiful rich aromas are married throughout with smooth stone therapy and Chakra balancing. This multi-dimensional treatment affects the energy systems of the body as well as the more physical systems such as the lymphatic, circulatory, endocrine and nervous systems. The result is an amazing radiant facial, truly representative of a holistic treatment experience.

Plaisir Des Sens is a mesmerizing YON-KA experience based on the brilliant osmosis of five superb therapies:

*Sensory Therapy – using aromatherapy as groundwork, the sensory bliss of solar charged purest aromatic essential oils comes with superior physiological improvements to the skin.

*Volcanic Stone Therapy – optimizing oxygenation of the skin and stimulating micro-circulation using deeply satisfying and therapeutic Yang (warm) techniques of execution.

*Aqua Jade Pebble Therapy – producing a constrictive action for an immediate firming effect using cooling Yin (cold) techniques of execution.

*Color Gem Therapy – exerting positive healing energies that tap into our natural self-curing abilities

*Chakra Therapy – rebalancing the seven Chakra points from the bottom of the spine to the crown. In the yoga tradition, Chakras are centers of life energy that direct our precious life force.

Plaisir Des Sens is approximately 70-75 minutes long at a suggested price range of $95 - $175, depending on location and demographics.

For more information call YON-KA at 1-800-966-5255.

ON-KA “Plaisir Des Sens” Media Guide:The Seven Chakras and their corresponding Crystals

The Root or Base Chakra - Physical Energy and Vitality Position – Perineum, between anus and genitals; Linked with reproductive glands Element – Earth; Sense – Smell Plaisir Des Sens Crystal – Tiger’s Eye (Australia, South Africa, Myanmar) Crystal Healing Power – detoxifying liver, spleen and kidneys; encouraging optimism

The Sacral Chakra - Creativity/Sexual Expression Position – Below Navel; Linked with adrenals (if not channeled effectively, adrenaline contributes to stress) Element – Water; Sense – Taste Plaisir Des Sens Crystal – Red Jasper (throughout the world) Crystal Healing Power – stabilizes emotions and relationships

The Solar Plexus Chakra - Personal Power/Fulfillment Position – Below breastbone, behind stomach; Linked to digestive system Element – Fire; Sense – Sight Plaisir Des Sens Crystal – Yellow Citrine (Brazil, Madagascar, Ural mountains) Crystal Healing Power – enhances digestion, stabilizes the desire for power

The Heart Chakra - Compassion/Humanitarianism Position – Center of the chest; Linked to thymus (controls immune system) Element – Air; Sense – Touch Plaisir Des Sens Crystal – Rose Quartz (Brazil, Germany, Madagascar) Crystal Healing Power – enables one to feel worthy and more receptive to love The Throat Chakra - Communication/Self Expression Position – Centrally at base of neck; Traditionally linked with thyroid gland (controls metabolic rate) but also throat, ears, nose, mouth and neck Element – Ether; Sense – Hearing Plaisir Des Sens Crystal – Lapis Lazuli (Colorado, Chile, Afghanistan) Crystal Healing Power – increases mental clarity, creativity and communication

The Third Eye/Brow Chakra - Higher Intuition/Psychic Powers Position – Above and between eyebrows; Linked to pituitary or pineal gland (opinions vary) Element – Telepathic Energy; Sense – Sixth Sense Plaisir Des Sens Crystal – Fluorite (America) Crystal Healing Power – helps one to understand and accept their true self

The Crown Chakra (top of head) - Transmutation Position – On the top of the head; Linked to pituitary or pineal gland (pineal regulates the “internal clock”) Element – Cosmic Energy; Sense – Seventh Sense Plaisir Des Sens Crystal – Amethyst (India, Uruguay, Brazil) Crystal Healing Power – facilitates a sense of spirituality and conte

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