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PHYTO: Jane Bullocks Raves


Since Hair Boutique recently added this wonderful line of hair care products to its Marketplace, I just had to get involved and test some goodies. I volunterred to test the PHYTOTHERATHRIE Phytorhum Shampooing Fortifiant, the Phytherose Revitalizing Treatment with Abyssinia Rose Tea, and the Phyto 7 Daily Intense Hydrating Cream.

I live in Dallas, TX, and it's summer, the time when the sun virtually scorches the life out of all living matter. Just because of this, hair takes a beating and it's important to have good hair products. In my case, my hair is on the dry side anyway, so moisture becomes an even more vital issue. Phytotherathrie has a special classification system designed to help consumers utilize the best products for their hair type. The Phytorose Revitalizing Treatment and Phyto 7 Hydrating Cream are recommend specifically for dry hair treatment. So these two products were perfect for my parched hair.

Although the Phytorhum shampoo is classified as a recommended product for lifeless hair, it promises energy and vitality which seemed to really be what I needed.

As I said, we are in the sticky middle of summer here in Dallas, and everyone seems positively flattened by the heat. I decided to give the Phytotherathrie products a good test; after work I went to the gym for an hour. When I finally got home, my hair was on its last legs, so to speak.

How I Tested The Products

Once in the shower, I poured out a quarter-sized dollop of the Phytorhum Shampooing Fortifiant, a lovely golden-colored elixir, into my palm. It frothed up beautifully, and a wonderful chocolate scent filled the air (yes, really!). The shampoo feels extraordinarily silky on the hair and scalp, and I swear I could hear my poor, dried-out, stressed-out hair breathing a sigh of relief! It rinsed out easily with no slippery residue.

Next I applied a big drop of the Phytherose Revitalizing Treatment with Abyssinia Rose Tea into my clean hair, and worked it in. I let it stay on throughout my shower, leg-shaving, and all that. That fresh rose smell is heavenly! Once I rinsed it out, my hair truly felt moisturized and rejuvenated (not to mention loved and appreciated!).

After towel-drying my hair, I put a small drop of the Phyto 7 Daily Intense Hydrating Cream into the palm of one hand and rubbed my hands together. I distributed it throughout my hair to give it the extra shine the advertising promised.

I have to say here that I rarely use any of those "shine" products myself. Usually it just makes my hair heavy since most of them use oil. However, this product doesn't-it's a blend of 7 plant extracts that really do make your hair more supple and shiny! Get this-I even put gel in my hair afterwards, and still noticed more shine in my hair!

Shampoo Ingredients

Cornflower extract, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, disodium cocamphodiacetate, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, cocamide mipa, glycol stearate, ovum/egg yolk powder, saccharum officianarum/rum, jojoba oil, panthenol, polyquarterium-10, phenoxyethnol, parabens, fragrance, citric acid, CI 19140/ FD&C yellow no. 5, and CI 15985/FD&C yellow no. 6.

Revitalizing Treatment Ingredients

Hibiscus sabdariffa extract, Abyssinia rose tea, cocoa butter, sesame oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, castor oil, distearyldimonium chloride, glyceryl stearate SE, amodimethicone, polyquarterium-10, panthenol, hair keratin amino acids, fragrance, butylparaben, diazolidinyl urea, and caramel/botanical origin.

Hydrating Cream Ingredients

Extracts of burdock, rosemary, sage, calendula, willow leaf, soybean, and althea; sodium dehydroacetate, phenoxyethnol, and parabens.


The shampoo, believe it or not, smells like chocolate! Go figure-there isn't one chocolate ingredient in it, but yet it has this lovely (not overpowering) chocolate essence that makes shampooing a feast for the nose.

The revitalizing treatment is lightly scented with rose. Let me interject something about the smell of rose here: generally any product that uses rose as a fragrance overdoes it, and the reek is lasting and awful. However, this treatment's use of it is merely evocative, fresh, and leaves the hair smelling remarkably clean and sweet.

The hydrating cream has a wonderful overall scent of herbs; kind of like the fresh aroma that wafts up when you water your herb garden at twilight.


The shampoo comes in a clear bottle (so you can see all that beautiful gold color) with Phytotherathrie's white label, featuring the trademark cluster of blue leaves. The revitalizing treatment comes in a platinum metal dispenser with a white pump, and the hydrating cream is in a white tube with the cluster of blue leaves displayed on the front.


I was impressed by the Phytotherathrie line of products I tested. I feel that the shampoo, conditioner, and cream I used did not disappoint, and in fact did more than promised. Folks, these hair care products are well worth the money.

Jane's Rating

On my own scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I give Phytotherathrie's Phytorhum Shampooing Fortifiant, Phytherose Revitalizing Treatment with Abyssinia Rose Tea, and Phyto 7 Daily Intense Hydrating Cream a 10! (Good grief, am I going soft in my old age?? It isn't like me to be this generous, but they really do deserve a 10.)

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