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Paula Garces Hairstyle - How To Style


Paula Garces 2009 ALMA Awards 09-17-09 All Rights Reserved.

Paula Garcés was born March 20, 1974 in Medellin, Columbia and is a beautiful film and television actress. She is best known as Officer Tina Hanlon on FX's The Shield.

Ms. Garcés has also appeared in several films. The saucy actresses co-starred in Paramont Pictures' 2002 teen sci-fi adventure, Clockstoppers, starring opposite Jesse Bradford. She was then cast in Richard Benjamin's hip-hop comedy "Marci X" opposite Lisa Kudrow and Damon Wayans.

The actress was next seen opposite Academy Award-winner Tommy Lee Jones in the Revolution Studios feature, "Man of the House." In 2004 she starred in National Lampoon's "Pledge This!".

She was featured on "CSI: Miami " and starred in a six episode arc on NBC's "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," as well as guest spots on HBO's hit series, "The Sopranos" and "Oz."

Paula then landed a role as a cast member on "The Shield." She also appeared in New Line Cinema's "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle", and its 2008 sequel, "Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay."

The beauty most recently appeared as documentarian Paula Morales in the now defunct ABC drama series Defying Gravity, which premiered in August 2009. She also was featured in the video "Imaginate" with Wisin & Yandel, and rapper T-Pain.

The raven haired Paula stepped out onto the 2009 ALMA Awards Red Carpet wearing a stunning white hued one shoulder long gown with a train. She was truly a vision of grace, elegance and beauty.

Her stunning black hair was brushed up and completely off her hairline. It was pulled sleekly into a half up/half down mid-head pony with the down section of hair worn straight and pulled in front on one side.

Paula Garces As Female Astronaunt

Paula Garces at the 2008 ALMA Awards. Pasadena Civic Auditorium 08-17-09 All Rights Reserved.

Paula's co-starring role in the ABC Series "Defying Gravity", which was suspended before the end of the first season was even completed. Although fans were disappointed, ABC has not committed to showing the remaining episodes which were already in the can.

Ms. Garcés told the media she loved being on the series which starred hunky flight engineer Ron Livingston (Office Space). The actress was proud of her role as a pilot and payload specialist. As Paula Morales she was the staffer responsible for everything that went in and out of the craft.

She described the ship to the media as being "incredible, like three blocks long.'' Paul explained "we were all loving it -- we could run and run. And the little blinking lights that would usually crack you up because they don't do anything actually look really real.''

Paula reported she wasn't normally a "fan of "Battlestar Galactica" type shows ("I've never seen an episode of the old Star Trek,'' she admits), but working on the Vancouver set was a blast."

Defying Gravity was originally dubbed "Grey's Anatomy" in space. Not only because it was produced by James Parriott who did Grey's, but because of the romantic entanglements.

Indeed, there were many. The actress liked the fact there was "an element of mystery to the show." She likened it "to "Lost" with it's flashback and flash-forwards."

Paula Garces' Acting Career

Paula Garces at the 2008 ALMA Awards. Pasadena Civic Auditorium 08-17-09 All Rights Reserved.

The married mother of one's character was a conservative, devout Catholic, but with complex personality. Although her character had almost a mousy look, she had a stronger inner core.

Would she like to be in space in reality? "I don't know how well I'd deal with the isolation,'' she confessed. "I'd miss nature, trees, mountains, sunshine -- and just Earth. People take it for granted. I don't know how astronauts do it.''

Sadly, the series was cancelled, even before all the episodes which had been filmed were shown.

Although the series had found a fan base, the ratings just were up to snuff in the eyes of the network executives.

More On Paula Garces' Hair

Paula at "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" World Premiere, 07-27-09 All Rights Reserved.

On the Red Carpet Paula is usually spotted wearing her hair long and lush in a range of hairstyles designed to show off her super shiny strands.

If you look closely at Paula's long dark brown tresses you might notice skillfully applied layers cut into the perimeter of the hair. She alternates between wearing her hair stick straight and with soft sassy texture.

Paula alternates between wearing her hair brushed completely off her face or in a side-swept fringe.

Paula Garces' Hairstyles & Styling Options

In her recurring role as Officer Tina Hanlon on the award winning show, "The Shield", Paula wore her hair much like a police officer would wear it.

She usually wore her hair directed off a side part and then brushed into a tightly twisted bun or chignon.

For her role in "Defying Gravity" she usually wore her hair pulled up or back into a tight bun.

Paula Garces at the premiere of Paramount Pictures "Clockstoppers" at 03-17-02 All Rights Reserved.

Steal Paula Garces' Hairstyle

Follow the steps listed below to re-create Paula's long lush hairstyles like the ones she wore to the November 2009 AMAs as well as to the September 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

Paula's gorgeous skin and eyes work great with her dark chocolate brown hair.

Keep in mind that your ability to perfectly copy Paula's hairstyle depends on your own hair type (thin, fine, medium, thick), texture (straight, wavy, curly, kinky, combined texture), length (super short, short, medium, long, very long) and condition (healthy, damaged, extremely damaged).

Follow the steps below to steal Paula's Hairstyles:

1. Start by selecting a shampoo and conditioner designed for your hair type, texture and current condition. Follow your normal cleansing steps such as undiluted shampoo, diluted shampoo, Conditioning Only Wash (CO), water only, or other desired method.

If your hair is highlighted or colored, start with a color safe formula like the Phyto Colored Hair System, to preserve delicated hues.

If your hair is chemically treated, consider using a moisture enhancing shampoo like Rene Furterer Okara Repairing Shampoo or select a shampoo that works with your current texture, type and condition of hair.

Paula Garces The Shield: Paula Garces as Officer Tina Hanlon 2005

Prashant Gupta/FX All Rights Reserved.

Eliminate super dry strands with J.F. Lazartigue Micro Pearl Shampoo for Dry hair.

2. Apply a rinse out conditioner that works for your hair's normal texture, type and condition.

Consider trying a color co-ordinated mask such as Okara Restructuring and Protective Radiance Mask to intensify your existing color. Avoid using the conditioner on super fine hair or near the roots.

3. Finish with an optional cool/cold rinse to close the cuticle and help add natural shine.

4. Towel blot (never rub or rough dry) to remove excess water.

5. Coat damp strands with your favorite customized styling product cocktail containing styling tools such as a defrisant, volume building mousse, gel or other styling products that work best with your hair texture, type, condition and length.

Detangle strands working slowly from the ends to the roots. Create desired hair part. Paula tends to wear side or off-center parts. Select the part which works best for your signature hairstyle.

6. Blow dry using a large round boar's bristle brush such as a Conair Round Brush, for strong, lasting support. Direct air flow down from the roots towards the end to build in shine and smooth strands.

Paula Garces The Shield: Paula Garces as Officer Tina Hanlon 2005

Prashant Gupta/FX All Rights Reserved.

7. Use fingers to lightly pick and lift near the roots for desired volume and body while using a round brush to lightly roll the ends of the hair under.

8. When hair is 100% dry separate into individual 2" sections and set on large sized hot rollers, or curl with a large barrel curling iron to add movement to the strands.

Curling Without Hot Rollers

If curling with a curling iron, after working with each section, roll the newly formed curl with your fingers up towards your scalp and pin into place to allow the curl to cool completely.

Work around the entire head until all sections have been curled and pinned to the scalp. Spritz lightly with a soft hold hairspray.

Note: This style can also be created with a wet set which is allowed to air-dry or dry under a hood style hair dryer.

Curling With Hot Rollers

Paula Garces The Shield: Paula Garces as Officer Tina Hanlon 2005

Prashant Gupta/FX All Rights Reserved.

If curling with hot rollers, let the curlers completely cool before removing.

Once all the rollers have been released, let new curls dangle free before styling. Spritz lightly with a soft hold hairspray.

9. Use your fingers and/or a boar's head brush to lightly break up the curls and arrange into a soft finished cascade of soft ringlet-like curls which terminate into a slight curl at the tips.

Apply a small drop of shine serum to the tips of your fingers and massage into the palms of your hands. Lightly brush your serum infused palms over the top of the finished hairstyle.

If you prefer, use a shine spray product and spray into the palms of your hands and then glide over finished style. Another option is to finish the look with a long lasting hairspray for a silky shine effect.


Paula Garces The Shield: Paula Garces as Officer Tina Hanlon 2005

Prashant Gupta/FX All Rights Reserved.

Although things were looking promising for Paula in her most recent TV roles in "The Shield" and "Defying Gravity" have ended. Many fans were sad that her role in space was cute short since she showed a lot of potential for developing her character into a compelling role.

There is little doubt that the gorgeous and talented actress will soon reappear in either TV or films. Growing up in in Medellín and Spanish Harlem Paula was a single mom at 18. As a result, Paula Garces is not exactly unaccustomed to obstacles on the road to success.

Ironically, Paula's biggest challenge when she was trying for her role as Tina Hanlon on "The Shield" was her stunning beauty. Indeed, Paula was almost passed over because she was considered too pretty to be realistic as a police officer.

As you can imagine, Paula shared her feelings about being considered "too pretty" with the media. Luckily for fans of The Shield, Paula's beauty didn't stand in the way of her portrayal of the ambitious but inept Officer Tina Hanlon.

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