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Paula Abdul: Curly Haired Celeb Rocks Out


PaulaCurlyCeleb200.jpg (4078 bytes)Paula Abdul has done it all from being a Laker's Girl to enjoying the sweet success of being a hit singer, dancer and major teen idol.

Paula is a Gemini who was born in San Fernando, California, on June 19, 1962. Paula has enjoyed great popularity since she burst onto the scene several years ago.

Although Paula has dabbled in acting and dancing, she is most popular for her singing.

She has produced several successful albums starting with "Forever Your Girl" in 1988. Recently Paula has turned to acting and is enjoying growing success both in front of and behind the camera.

PaulaCurly2aCeleb150.jpg (2635 bytes)Paula Abdul is a gorgeous women with many different looks. One fact about Paula that many people may not know is that she has beautiful naturally curly hair.

In fact, if Paula does not straighten her hair, she has a mass of natural curls that cover her head. Paula has naturally tight springy brunette curls.

PaulaCurly3Celeb200.jpg (4110 bytes)Paula likes to wear her hair in many different styles from natural with her curls soft and shiny to elegant updos and carefully arranged buns.

There is no question Paul has established herself as a true hair icon with her many years of appearances on American Idol.

Unlike like some stars who stick with the same hairstyle, Paula likes to "mix it up" with her hairstyles.

She will have her naturally curly hair blown out dry and piled in a high updo for formal events. She also loves to wear her hair sleek and straight or up in a high ponytail.

PaulaCheerCeleb200.jpg (5210 bytes)Although Paula is famous for her days as a Laker's Cheerleader she got her cheering start in high school in the late 70s. The photo to the left (credit: National Enquirer) shows Paula as a high school beauty at Van Nuys, California High School cheerleader in 1980 (her senior year).

Although the photo is a little hard to see, notice that Paula loved to wear her naturally curly hair in a full straight modified cloud of dark bouffant hair.

Celebrity Hairdresser Laurent DuFourg

Paula has been known to visit the famous LA stylist, Laurent DuFourg known simply as Laurent D.

In fact, it was reported recently that Paula once took Laurent, her hairstylist, as her escort to an awards ceremony.

PaulaCurly4Celeb200.jpg (3231 bytes)At $100 a hair cut, Paula's stylist, Laurent D. is famous for refusing to do anything to any of his client's hair that he thinks will look bad or harm it in any way.

Many of the looks that you will see Paula sporting from time to time, from curly to straight, highlighted to her natural dark locks, from long to short, are inspired by Laurent D.

Paula has admitted that her hair is as curly as Mariah Carey's if she doesn't straighten it. Paula finds that holding back the frizziness is really difficult, if not impossible, when she is under the hot lights.

PaulaCurly5Celeb200.jpg (4229 bytes)To fight the frizzies Paula has admitted to buying every product that is anti-frizz or is a good hair gloss. She especially loves the curl controllers made by Phyto's like Phytodefrisant and John Frieda.

Paula also has a very large collection of hair accessories for every occasion. She also loves watches.

Another stylist that is known to work on Paula's gorgeous natural curls is celebrity hairdresser Philip B.

Paula is reportedly a big fan of Philip's styling wizardry. As a naturally curly girl, the star understand that she must used products designed for very dry and brittle locks. Anyone with naturally curly hair like Paula's understands that curls require special care.

Since curly hair tends towards dryness and coarseness, moisture enhancing products are just what the hair doctor ordered.

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