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Paul McCartney - Hair Options At 64


Paul McCartney - All Rights Reserved.

James Paul McCartney - known as the "cute Beatle" or the "nice Beatle" by legions of female fans just celebrated his 64th birthday.

This is a significant birthday because of his song When I'm Sixty-Four that he wrote when he was 15 and before he met the love of his life, Linda. Married for 29 years, Paul lost Linda to cancer in 1998 at the age of 56.

In the song Paul sings "when I get older losing my hair many years from now, will you still be sending me a valentine birthday greeting, bottle of wine?"

Lucky for Paul he didn't lose his hair although he has appeared in various photo ops with gray temples that have since disappeared.

Recently Paul announced the end of his second marriage to Heather Mills, 38 after just three years. There has been a lot of media controversy about why Paul and Heather decided to separate.

Pressure To Cover Gray?

One rumor is that Heather pressured Paul to color his gray hair back to his original brunette hue. There was also lots of media speculation that Heather pressured Paul to have plastic surgery to starve off the ravages of time. Whether the various rumors are true or not, it is an interesting question that men and women address on a regular basis when gray strands make their presence known.

Paul McCartney - All Rights Reserved.

This is an even more timely topic now that 29 year old American Idol winner Taylor Hicks is addressing whether he will cover his own gray mane.

According to Hicks, since his fans love his unique salt and pepper look he is going to stay gray.

In a recent interview Hicks revealed "people have tried to steer me another direction from a color aspect," Hicks said "but what you see is what you get."

Did the beloved Beatle opt to cover his gray because of his own focus on retaining a youthful mop of hair or from outside pressures?

Go Gray Or Not?

Ultimately, whether a person is a celebrity like Paul or Taylor or not, dealing with encroaching gray can be a sobering experience.

It doesn't have to be. Ultimately you should cover or not cover your gray according to what makes you feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror.

So what is the commonly held opinion about whether to cover gray, white or silver hair or not? A 2002 consumer survey on resulted in 52% of the respondents reporting that they would "definitely hide their gray, white or silver hair" while 43% said they would flaunt it.

Remember Paul For His Musical Talents

Paul McCartney - All Rights Reserved.

Not surprisingly inside sources have noted that Paul wishes all the media fury about his divorce from Heather Mills and rumors about his physical appearance and gray strands would fade away.

After all, the man has dedicate his life to music and wants to be remembered for his great contributions as a musical living legend.

Many celebrities, notably Jennifer Aniston do not want to be remembered for their history making hairstyles or hair issues. They want to be remembered instead for their career successes and contributions to their craft.

For most people deciding how to handle gray strands is a private matter. Imagine being one of the most famous musicians in the world and be required to address your gray strands with the media?


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