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Patricia Arquette Beautiful Blonde Bob Hairstyles


Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois NBC Medium 9-27-05

NBC Universal Photo: Andrew Eccles - All Rights Reserved

Beautiful blonde Emmy Award winning actress Patricia Arquette (April 8, 1968) made the news this week because of her Venice, Italy wedding to longtime love and hunky actor Thomas Jane (The Punisher).

Currently starring as Allison Dubois in the NBC hit - Medium - Patricia has been acting for years.

She first appeared on the radar with her fan favorite role as Kristen Parker in 1987's A Nightmare On Elm Street. Some critics have said that Patricia is "one of the most underrated, talented actresses of her generation." I would tend to agree.

When I was researching this article I flipped through images of Allison dating all the way back to 1999. Although this incredibly talented actress has had a range of hair lengths, I could only find images of her with butter blonde hues. This is actually good news because with her gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful skin, she looks best as a blonde.

Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois NBC Medium 11-09-05

NBC Photo: Michael Yarish - All Rights Reserved.

Playing famed medium, Allison Dubois, Patricia sports a series of chin length or slightly longer classic bob hairstyles that would be very appropriate for the busy mom/psychic detective that she plays in the series.

Allison juggles three kids, car polling duties and searching for dead bodies, all in one episode. A simple bob style would be a great look for any working mom who wouldn't have a lot of time for daily hairstyling.

For the majority of time Patricia also has a full sweep of forehead fringe that she wears tousled across the top of her eyebrows. The classic bob style works perfectly with her mostly oval face shape (with a hint of square jaw line) and well defined facial features.

The eyebrow skimming bangs draw attention to her signature blue eyes. The length of Patricia's bob ranges from right below her chin to right above her shoulders. In my opinion she looks best with a little longer bob that lightly brushes the tops of her shoulders because it softens her jaw line and provides a good balance to her entire face.

At the end of the 2005-2006 season Patricia hairstyle changed slightly to include mini-looped ponytails and for a special evening out, the ends of her shoulder skimming bob were curled up into a soft flirty flip.

Patricia's Hair Tidbits

Patricia Arquette LIttle Nicky Premiere 11-02-00 - All Rights Reserved.

In retrospect, Patricia has had a strange history with hairstyles for her various movie parts. In particular, she had to be completely covered by hair in 2001 for her Human Nature role.

Media interviews with Patricia unearthed the fact that her entire body had to be continuously glued with unknown hair pieces that were itchy and made it difficult for her to sit down. Patricia truly suffered ongoing bad hair days for her craft.

In Little Nicky she also had really crazy looking hair befitting her role as a wacky art student dating the bizarrely coiffed son of the the devil who had a talking dog, Mr. Beefy.

Hair was also a central force in her 1999 role in Stigmata where she played hairdresser Frankie Page. At one point, Frankie gives the priest investigating her odd experiences a haircut. The role also allowed Patricia to wear edgy hairstyle, much like you would expect a real-life hairdresser to do. some critics referred to her hair in the movie as "Betty Page" hair.

With a history of odd hairstyles for her acting roles, Patricia should be happy that she wears a stylish bob for her role on Medium.

Bad Hair News

Patricia Arquette Emmy Awards September 2005 - All Rights Reserved.

In September of 2005 the show, Access Hollywood awarded Patricia with The Hair That Scared award for worst Emmy hair for 2005. Her crime? Wearing her hair in an off the forehead hair roll with long banana style curls nestling slightly below her shoulders. It was a major departure from her normal short to medium bob style and took the critics by surprise.

Did Patricia grow a lot of hair "overnight" for her Emmy appearance? Probably not. Most likely her normal bob hairstyle was "enhanced" with either a half-wig or add-on strands for her red carpet event. Needless to say, the consensus opinion was that she looks better with a sleeker style closer to her normal bob hairdo.

Steal Patricia's Style

Patricia has medium to fine hair that appears to be straight with minimal bend or natural texture.

Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois NBC Medium 9-27-05

NBC Universal Photo: Andrew Eccles - All Rights Reserved

Her fringe is texturized to provide a fuller style with lots of movement.

Complete the following steps to steal Patricia's bobbed hairstyle:

1. Work with your hairdresser to acquire a similar bob haircut. Keep in mind that for some hair types and textures, a short to medium length bob would not be ideal. Be sure to discuss your options with your hairdresser and weight your face and body shape factors with your skin and eye tone.

2. Shampoo with a product designed to address your hair type, texture and current condition. Utilize products designed for damaged or colored strands if appropriate.

3. If appropriate, use a rinse out conditioner, avoiding the roots. If your hair is fine or thin remember that a rinse out conditioner can over moisture strands resulting in potentially limp strands. For a fuller look, skip the rinse out conditioner step or apply sparingly only to the ends or damaged areas.

4. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to close the cuticles and seal in shine.

5. Towel blot and apply a temporarily straightening product like Robert Hallowell's The Flat Factor or Paves Professional Relaxing Balm.

Patricia Arquette as Allison Dubois NBC Medium 8-15-05

NBC Universal Photo: Andrew Eccles - All Rights Reserved

Distribute the relaxing product from below the roots to the ends. If hair tends to frizz, use a good defrisant product like Phytodefrisant either with or instead of the straightening product.

For lots of volume spray the roots and the bangs with a volumizing product like PhytoVolume Actif or Robert Hallowell's Super Volumizing Tonic.

6. Use a blow dryer and your fingers to tousle dry your fringe. If you prefer a stick straight style, use a paddle brush and use brush to anchor the bangs while you direct the air flow from a blow dryer down the hair shaft from roots to the ends.

7. Once the bangs are to your liking, separate the rest of the hair into individual chunks that are 1-2" in thickness. Use a boar's head flat brush to anchor the individual sections at the ends. Direct the blow dryer air flow down the hair shaft from the roots to the ends. This adds shine and helps to get a super straight blow out.

8. When the entire head is 100% dry, use a small barrel curling iron to curl ends under at the ends. If you prefer a straighter look, separate strands into 1-2" sections and straighten with a flat iron. 9. Optionally you can finish with a light swipe of your hands that have been prepped with shine serum and a light spritz of hairspray.


Besides her award winning work on Medium, Patricia is a breast cancer awareness activist since she lost her own beloved mother to the disease. She is part of the famous Arquette acting family which includes sister Rosanna and brothers Alexis and David. Her father Lewis is also a well known actor.

I recently caught Patricia on a Martha Stewart segment sharing a recipe for an ice cream cake that she makes for her two kids. Her hair was cut in a chin length bob that blown out into full shiny cap that had beautiful movement and swing. Hopefully she will continue to embrace a series of bob hairstyles for her next season of Medium.

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