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Paris Style Book Review


Paris The Golden Lady

I first met Paul Mason many years ago when he emailed me with questions about longer hairstyles for men. He made a serious commitment to grow his hair long.

Paul sent me his photos so I could get a good idea of his hair and we chatted about the best way to deal with his bangs which were growing out.

I found Paul to have a tremendous amount of knowledge about hair care. He graciously shared a lot of his ideas with me and the visitors.

Over the years Paul has proven to be a wonderful supporter of

Years ago Paul found a great book in France called Paris Style. He mentioned he'd found the book while wandering around Aix on a Saturday. He popped into a discount book store and luckily found this great book in used condition.

Locating Hairdressing Book - Paris Style

Unfortunately this book was not available on When I inquired they didn't seem to be able to order it. The book was published in 1994 and may actually be out of print. I haven't been able to locate it through any of my other book sources either. The book does not include an ISBN number.

Paul noted the book contains Depot-legal No. 9405054-09 /1994.

Eiffel Tower

Meanwhile, to showcase some of the beautiful Parisian hairstyles, Paul scanned a few and sent them to me. has a strict policy against publishing any copyrighted photos without express permission. Unfortunately we were unable to contact the publisher.

As a result of not being able to get in touch with the publisher we cautiously published just a few of the photos sent from Paul.

It should be noted that all credits for the photos attached to Paul's book review below are given to Era Communication Paris for the National French Hairdressing Federation, Claude Gueniche and Ego Ellenberg.

Paul has done a great job of sharing this book with us. Thank you to him for taking the time to make this possible.

Book Review Of Paris Style

'Paris Style (The reference book of hairstyling)' was prepared by Era Communication Paris for the National French Hairdressing Federation and published in 1994 by Claude Gueniche and Ego Ellenberg.

This book is a tribute to the artistry of French hairdressing - "Paris Style with its 45 designers with very different backgrounds and talents fully represents the expression of.." the Paris School. Firstly here are some stats about the book - this is a very hair book - it weighs ~2.5 kg (well it is European) which translates to around 5.5lbs and comprises 464 glossy pages which are 9.5" x 12.

11bt.jpg (2832 bytes) ps10t.jpg (2389 bytes)
ps11at.jpg (2376 bytes)

Inside the book there are about 550 good quality pictures showing an enormous spectrum of styles from shaved painted scalps to beautiful long hair, and there are also examples of Afro-Caribbean hairstyles and styles for both men and women.

There is a reasonable representation of most hair lengths and around 100 of the pictures have ladies with shoulder length hair or longer. However, very few of the photographs showed really long, i.e. waist length hair.

ps11ct.jpg (2917 bytes) ps13t.jpg (2515 bytes)
ps11t.jpg (2559 bytes)

Karen, in her review of '388 Hair Styles' by Margit Rudiger and Renate von Samson, made the comment that the book could be enjoyed by both women and men who have an interest in hair. I think the same would be very true here. From the practical perspective, the ladies I am sure will find some styles that they will be just itching to try - maybe even the guys too.

ps14t.jpg (3013 bytes) ps15t.jpg (2776 bytes)
ps16t.jpg (3154 bytes)

If I hadn't decided to start growing my hair longer I would have tried one or two of the men's styles. From the aesthetic viewpoint, some of the pictures of the models just blew me away with their sheer beauty and femininity. The quality of the photographs and their artistic nature is a real treat for art book fans and 70 of the photographs are full page spreads.

ps17t.jpg (3428 bytes) ps18t.jpg (2555 bytes)
ps19t.jpg (3115 bytes) ps1t.jpg (3072 bytes)

However, the book is not just about photographs of models with great hair (as if that wasn't enough!). The book is actually sub-divided by the various stylists represented in the book and there is a brief introduction to them as well as showing their pictures and those of their creations.

ps20t.jpg (2660 bytes) ps21t.jpg (2634 bytes)
ps22t.jpg (3218 bytes)

The text is written in French, English and Japanese - great if you're trying to learn one of these languages as well!!! The stylists includes in the book are listed at the end of this review. Lots of snippets of information can be found, such as that about Patrick Ales who invented the blow dryer and patented it in 1968 - no one was interested until it was bought by L'Oreal 6 years later.

ps23t.jpg (3116 bytes) ps24t.jpg (2698 bytes)
ps25t.jpg (2762 bytes)

Now he is strongly interested in phtotheratry - the care of hair through plants - and is working in this area of study.

The book also pays homage to historical figures such as Antoine, Guillaume, Marie and Rosy Carita and Alexandre de Paris and the final sections describes the relationships between the stars and their hairdressers and the role of the stylist in fashion shows etc.

ps3t.jpg (2895 bytes) ps4t.jpg (2859 bytes)
ps5t.jpg (2402 bytes)

I was fortunate enough to buy this book in a discount book store, but I think it's a real find! If you're interested in the history of hair fashions or just looking at some great pics and you can get hold of a copy of this book I think you will find it a real treat as well.

ps7t.jpg (2794 bytes)ps8t.jpg (2949 bytes)ps9t.jpg (2656 bytes)

Note Stylists included in the book are Patrick Ales, Franck Avogardi, Georges Bacon, Guillaume Berard, Christian Capdeveile, Christian Caplot, Jacky Carp, Jean Pierre Cazaux, Celianthe, Cesare, Suzanne Chadwick (USA), Andrew Collinge (UK), Aldo Coppola (Italy), Frederic Deniel, Alain Divert, Maurice Franck, Daniel Frenna, Jean Claude Gallon, Michel Gardais, Marianne Gray, Daniel Harlow, Jack Holt, Miyuki Horibe (Japan), Yohei Inoue (Japan), Kyang, Michelle Laplace, Luis Llongueras (Spain), Marcel (Spain), Jean-Luc Minetti, Jacques Moisant, Marlies Moller (Germany), Klaus Peter Ochs (Germany), Jean-Phillipe Pages, Bruno Pittini, Framck Provost, Jean Saberny, Vidal Sassoon (UK), Alain Scarfanto, Guillaume Senechal, Don Shaw (USA), Valente (Italy), Udo Walz (Germany), Alexandre Zourai, Maurice Gam, Any d'Avray and finally Mario du Lavandou.

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- Revised Publication Date: 10/16/11

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