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Padma Lakshmi Hair How Candy


Padma Lakshmi DC Media All Rights Reserved

Top Chef star Padma Lakshim is known for her delicious recipes and her long, sleek, jet black hair which from afar looks just like luscious hair candy. She often wears her silken strands in a variety of yummy chignons, updos and twits.

Padma is a hair goddess chosen in the past by Pantene to make her a spokeswoman. No wonder. Her hair is always silky, shiny and downright glossy. People don't just want Padma's recipes, they want her hair secrets too.

Padma is a Top Chef host, fashion and jewelry designer, frequent talk show guest and busy mom. How does she always get her hair to look so amazing?

Well of course when she goes to major Red Carpet events like the 2011 Emmy Awards she has amazing hairstylists she can text for appointments.

At the 2011 Emmy Awards she showcased a beautiful softly tousled updo which highlighted her gorgeous face.

Padma's Hair Secrets

When she does her hair at home she uses the very best hair tools including a boar-bristle Mason Pearson brush which she uses when blow drying with her head held upside down to encourage more volume and movement.

Padma Lakshmi DC Media All Rights Reserved

Since she has long hair she told the media she holds her blow dryer by the nozzle for more control and because with long hair "her arms get tired".

Her hot tools tricks include spritzing individual sections of hair with a volumizing product before rolling hair up in hot rollers. She rolls up, not under and uses narrow hot rollers "underneath for volume" with "larger ones on top to create loose fuller waves."

When her blow drying or hot rolling hits a snag, she resorts to using a straightening iron, but only to "fix" occasional hair imperfections and not regularly.

How To Get Padma's Firty Updo Bun

This hairstyle works best for shoulder length or longer hair which ha been blow dried straight.

Step By Step Instructions

1. Start the styling process with freshly cleansed detangled hair which has been prepped with the appropriate styling products for your hair type, texture, length and current condition.

Note: If your hair tends to frizz be sure to use a defrisant cream or serum.

2. Separate hair into individual 2" horizontal sections and blow dry straight with either a round brush or a boar's bristle paddle brush. Blow bent over at the waist like Padma or you may prefer to blow dry without bending over. 3. Once hair is 100% dry then separate hair into two equal sized sections front and back. Separate the front and back sections from ear to ear. 4. Clip the front section of hair out of the way. Secure the back of the hair into a low nape level ponytail.

Padma Lakshmi DC Media All Rights Reserved

5. Unclip the top section of the hair and use a 1 1/2 to 2 inch curling iron to curl the top section of the hair. Direct the hair back off the hairline along the top and the sides. After each section has been curled, roll around the fingers and pin to the scalp to cool and set.

Note: Padma prefers hot rollers to hot irons. Feel free to use these instead.

6. After hair has set and cooled, undo the pins. 7. Add a one or two drops of serum to the palms of your hands and then massage together. Run your fingers through hair to separate the curls and add shine definition. 8. Gently fingerpick hair up and back towards the crown of the head Secure any loose strands with bobby pins the same color as your hair. 9. Release the back of the hair from the ponytail. 10. Pull hair up and position the base of the ponytail near the middle of the head halfway between the crown and the nape of the neck. Do not secure with an elastic band. Hold in place with fingers. 11. With the other hand take the tail of the pony and lift it up and over the base. Then twist the length clockwise until all of the hair has been twisted. 12. Roll the twisted tail around the top of the base to form a chignon style bun positioned at the back of the head. 13. Pin into place with bobby pins the same color as your hair. 14. Finish with a light hold hairspray to hold the style and seal frizz.

To create a more flirty look use fingers to tousle hair along the top near the hairline or pull a few strands out from around the nape of the neck and allow them to curl over the neck in front. You always have the option to leave a few more strands flowing in front for a more feminine, romantic touch.

Play around with the finished bun and customize it so that it works best for you, your hair type, texture, current condition and length.

If you don't like directing all the hair up and off the hair line you can experiment with a deep side part or you can add a side-swept or similar fringe along the forehead.


Padma Lakshmi has gorgeous hair and knows how to make yummy recipes. What more could anyone ask for?

Original Publication Date: 12/28/11 - Revised Publication Date: 01/05/12

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