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Ostrich & Phython Fashions 411


Image From Bottega Veneta Bag

Bottega Veneta Bag All Rights Reserved.

Ostrich fashions come and go like all trends. They are used as leather and feathers as the primary material.

However, in 2008 Bottega Veneta debuted a breath taking South African ostrich skin bag that was vegetable-dyed and the trim is hand-painted Bolivian crocodile skin.

No two of the bags were created alike and the cost started at $6,500 although if you shop carefully you might find a good deal online.

In fact this amazing bag is no available from Bottega Veneta, but can be found in resale situations from time to time. If you are lucky enough to find one, grab it. Of course make sure it's legit.

Meantime Bally showcased a gorgeous clutch designed by Brian Atwood.

The bag was priced for collectors at $3,500 and came with the caveat that it took three months to treat and lacquer the skin and stitch by hand.

Michael Kors Ostrich Leather Like Pumps

During that same seaon Michael Kors designed a Ostrich leather pump from Argentina which is tanned for four weeks in Italy and then stamped to look like Ostrich. The cost? $420.

That was then. For 2009-2010 Louis Vuitton debuted a very forties-inspired Spring RTW collection at Paris Fashion Week that featured ostrich-feather embellished dresses and skirts.

The collection was designed by Marc Jacobs and had a very exotic undertone. Interestingly enough, the designs fell in the ready to wear category so it was chic but also practical. An interesting twist on ostrich fashions.

Why Invest In Ostrich Or Python

Image From Bottega Veneta Metallic Python SRP $5,800

Bottega Veneta All Rights Reserved.

At first glance spending $6,500 on an ostrich bag may seem crazy, unless you have an unlimited budget.

The secret all handbag collectors understand is that ostrich is hard-wearing luxury because it is known to last for upwards of 30 years and even appreciate in value.

Ditto for Phython which is in the latest Bottega Veneta collection for 2010 (shown to the side). The Metallic Phtyhon is also a gorgeous creation and retails for $5,800.

Why Phyton? A genuine python handbag is a product of considerable distinction. This type of skin, can be considered some of the most sophisticated and exquisite of all the exotic leathers. Like Ostrich, Python skin is known for its color variations and for its elasticity; it is a warm leather and ideal for the creation and manufacture of many luxury goods.

Especially when crafted into a Bottega Veneta Bag, which is always a true beauty and a collectors item.

Image From Bottega Veneta Fever Phython Bag 2010 SRP $4,900

Bottega Veneta All Rights Reserved.

If you worry about cruelty to animals in making bags, keep in mind that the majority of animals used to make Ostrich or Phyton bags are farmed and designed to provide an industry which stimulates the local economy as well as providing food.

Of course if you have a problem with the use of animals for fashion then bags made from exotic leathers are not for you.

If you don't worry about such things keep in mind that besides their investment value Bottega is famous for clean lines and the very best quality skin an animal can offer. The skins are the very best of the best. The design is perfection down to the zippers and a great execution of form and function.


If you ever wonder whether the price tag on that gorgeous ostrich or phython bag is worth it or not, it is.

Besides being some of the finest leather around (if you're into it) the bag can be carried for 30 plus years and then you can probably still sell it on some bay or list for what you made for it. Or even more.


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